so it didn't snow here even though they kept saying it was going to. i never believed them any way ;p it was however REALLY fucking cold last week! and i got a double attack of weird allergies and sorta flu thing and was kinda in a fog all damn week >.o i didn't really feel coherent until friday afternoon. which is good because friday night i got to collect a veeeeeeery drunk roomy from bart and we (noami and i) took her out to sushi >3 drunken liz is about the most adorable thing ever, esp since she's not a barfy drunk. SO DAMN FUNNY ^_~ and then the next morning bitch wasn't even hung over and woke me up too early ;p

we spent saturday hanging out with carrie and running errands, eating noms, and shoppins. i actually bought skinny jeans >.< oh god what is this world coming to??? of course that means now i have to buy some super awesome boots >3 and speaking of shoes *last* saturday liz took me shopping and i bought HEELS for the first time in probably 5 - 6 years >.o it's been a long damn time. but now i am the proud owner of two pairs of slutty black heels ;p liz is bound and determined to get me to dress like *gasp* a girl! ;p

also yesterday we came back home with our spoils of war shoppins and decided to play with nail polish ^^ i showed carrie my huge collection. and then decided to try out different colors which wound up with me having a different color on every nail ^^ i haven't been painting my nails for quite a while, it was funny ;p and i knew i was going to get a manicure today so it was fine. it made me laugh quite a lot actually ^^ now my nails and toes are a lovely shade of teal ^^

today i didn't accomplish as much as i wanted to, but mani and pedi were procured as well as laundry done, room picked up, drains draino'd and dishes done ^^ and i really really don't want to go back to work tomorrow D: why aren't weekends longer???? *sigh* *huge snugs for flist* <3 ^^
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