woo whirlwind weekend was awesomesauce! spent it in monterey with liz and carrie ^_^ we drove down friday night after work and let me tell you that was an experience! it was fine most of the way, raining some. and then when we were close to arriving TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR of EPICNESS~ which was crazy but fine really... then the car waaaay ahead of me lost control and spun out on the freeway. i have never seen a spin out in person. it was really surreal and kinda like watching a movie. thankfully i was waaaaaaay far behind him and hit my breaks as soon as i started to see him swerve. he didn't hit anyone (just missed the other car by inches though) and i'm pretty sure he was ok and so was the car. whew lucky!

saturday carrie and i were supposed to go whale watching while liz went to a wedding. but the trip was canceled due to the storm ;_; i was a little disappointed, but then again it would have been freezing and wet out on the water so... kinda a good thing. i'm def going again this summer <3 so we had brunch and then dropped off liz at the room while carrie and i went shopping and walking. a lot of walking ^^; we also saw the movie paul. it was hilarious and cute ^_^ sunday we had planned to go to the aquarium but no one else wanted to ;p;; so instead we grabbed a fast breakfast and went outlet shopping!!! \o/ zomg we all spent a lot, but such awesome stuff! i got a purse that i'm super excited about, 2 pairs of new balance shoes for super cheap, makeup and girly stuff, and a new set of tupperwear (mostly for liz ;p) liz and carrie got similar things and lots of kitchen stuff. they were excited ^_~ also nice was it didn't rain much today and i made it to sf from gilroy in like an hour >3 i like to drive fast >.> and now home and comfy with everything put away and catching up on internets. er gonna have to catch up on lj tomorrow >.>;

nighty night all~ <3

PS- super giant thank yous to carrie for making us mixed cds of awesomeness to listen to in the car!! <33333333


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