so i had a 3 day weekend this weekend, but i need a vacation from my vacations! :p friday i took the day off and picked up tree - we went to the sf flower and garden show ^_^ the gardens weren't as impressive this year but they were lovely and green~ we sat at a few seminars and saw some short films that are in progress as part of the symphony of soil documentary ^^ i was good and only bought one plant that i may not actually kill >.> (as opposed to the herbs i planted this week 2 of which are already dead >.>;;;)

saturday liz and i gathered aaaaaaall of our stuff and went to the steam punk convention. i was excited cause we put together two new outfits for me and i had wanted to go to this convention last year but missed it. it was a bit random since we didn't know anyone there. but we had tons of fun dressing up and walking around. eventually carrie joined us too and we wandered some more. we never did end up going to any panels. i don't really have any pics on my camera as it is made of SUCK but a few are posted already. my outfit from day one. i wore skinny jeans for the first time! \o/

sunday was more wandering (pre outfits even!) then ages of getting ready and packing up our stuff... we had an awful lot ;p and on this day i wore a skirt and heels! try not to faint from shock ;p pic of second day outfit. i'm quite proud of that ^_^ though sadly in the pic you cant see the black thing coming from behind my ear and over my shoulder is this awesome thing of feathers that i loooooove <3 carrie came down on sunday too and we all wandered around and around and then went for foooood *_* was sooo hungry! we made it home around 6 or so x.x so tired~ sleeping in hotels kinda sucks, stupid loud sheets! but we had fun and i got two pins ^_^

next weekend is wondercon which thankfully does not require travel other than going into town on bart ^_~
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From: [personal profile] raletha

You look fantastic! :D I swear, Neko, your weekends always sound fun and awesome.


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