so i am in fact still alive.. though the jury is still out on breathing >.o allergies and some kind of sinus issue-possibly head cold type thing, god only knows really- has been making my life kinda hell for about 2 weeks D: i feel mostly ok but lots of icky coughing and stuff >.<

so updaty things~ this last saturday liz, carrie, erin, and i went down to visit stacy. we had a lovely time that involved an awesome clothes on massage type thing that was neat and cheep, happy hour sushi, and awesome hangins out ^_^ sunday tree, carrie, and i went to filoli gardens which were quite lovely ^_^ we had picture time and wandered about. then we went to half moon bay to look at the ocean and ate dinner noms~

the weekend before that was the cherry blossom festival in japantown ^_^ we had lunch with lots o people and hangins out~ then liz, carrie, and i saw limitless which was pretty awesome and then had dinner noms :d

the weekend before *that* was wondercon~! we got all dressed up and went into the city for that one ^^ we saw a good 10 mins of cowboys and aliens, looks pretty good! also saw a bit of er the immortals? which looked interesting and we heard that the movie clip from green lantern was in fact also quite good. i got a nifty cuthulu pin >3

also somewhere in all of that i finally got my new corset~ ^___^ but it's an under bust which means now i need shirts etc to go with it >.o but still excited~ ^^

pictures of all of these things eventually, swear~ <3 i feel i had other things to add but i forgot.. esp since i just spent the last 40 minutes fighting with lj because it changed my lj style back to the default and i lost all my custom settings D: ROWR NEKO SMASH
also wtf why is the entire internets being slow and like a billion sites down from crashes or "maintenance"? boooo~

*snugglesmooshes flist* <3
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From: [personal profile] raletha

Yay for fun & noms! I can't wait to see a photo of you in your new corset, once you find shirts to go with. :)

Looks like Amazon's web servers (which host a lot of big name sites) have taken a hit this morning and are down. Don't know if that's related to your internet woes?



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