omg this weekend was so.full.of.noms! :d saturday evening we were supposed to go to one place but they had a long wait so we went down the street to a tapas bar and it was SO FUCKING GOOD *OMNOMNOM* it was carrie, stacy, liz, and i and every single thing we ate was AMAZING. and we had *a lot* lemme just tell you *_* i can't remember the last time i ate that much x.x

sunday we went into the city for brunch with naomi and carrie. again so much nomming :d i had coconut pancakes with home made ginger sauce *_* then we went to dolores park were there were awesome drag queens, gays, and not so awesome hipsters. they have a big production every easter which includes the hunky jesus contest >3 this years winner was "jesus fucking christ" and it was a guy dressed like jesus with a doll also dressed as jesus attached to his front... you can guess the rest on that one. it was HILARIOUS >3 it was also gloriously warm and sunny at the park even though it had rained in the morning. i got a bit burnt in a few places ^^;;

that night we ended up going to the place that had too long a wait from saturday, burma superstar :ddddd i love that place <3! and even though we were so very full we had gelato afterwards ;p which all made for a really long sunday and i am le tired~ this week, but oh so very worth it <3

this weekend we are having a party at our place.. >.>;


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