woo so fanime weekend is over x.Z wow what a weekend! my feet are KILLING ME >.o i'm also really tired and this post may not make sense ;p

i was supposed to have friday off but due to some schedule changes at work -_- i had to work a half day. came home and finished packing, then we went to sushi and finally down to san jose where the con is. traffic the whole way there boooo. and then the hotel fucked up our reservation. woo liz was not pleased.. ppl do NOT piss her off! is scary ^_~ anyhoo we ended up upgrading to a suite with one room w/king size bed and the second meeting room that had a fold out couch. this worked out much better anyway as we had others sleeping in our room and we got some free stuff like internets for the trouble ^^ also two bathrooms!

after check in i quickly picked up by fanime badge, did a super quick turn of the dealers room and then liz and i went over to another hotel about 10 minutes away where baycon was going on. we hung out with sydney, devin, patrick and many of their friends ^_^ by 2:30 am i had to tap out because i had been up since 6 and was sooooo tired x.x but yay more than one car~ the trio above was staying in our rooms so i left liz to them. they got in around 4:30 and druuuuuunk (crazy whippersnappers!)

of course liz and i were up earlyish the next morning because we always are ^^;; i was sleeping on the side with the fold out bed so she came over to talk to me while the other two were still sleeping away. then we finally got them up and moving and dressed as we were all going to raging waters (which i apparently spelled ragging waters on facebook >.>) sydney and devin got to witness my mad driving skilz to get us there quickly as we were running late and were meeting others. srsly people i like to speed ^^; but i'm a very good driver!

the weather was cool but not bad and we met several of the trio's friends (i'm just going to refer to them as the trio all the time, it's easier ;p) i magically somehow did not get sunburned o.O i did manage to scrape the skin on all of the joints of my small toes of left foot though and they still hurt ;_; also the rough pavement really made the bottom of my feet sore and tender :( after the park we went to go get ramen then snacks and back to the room where room party / drinking started at like 6 pm o.O; we aquired jess, vicky, alex, and patrick came back (had to work all day) and er.. andy. i think that's everyone >.> i spent a lot of time spinning in the chairs cause they spun really well ;p no i was not drunk :p;;; around 2:30 am we got a noise complaint and some of us were starting to crash so we called it a night. we also aquired more room mates- jess and vicky (both are awesome and hilarious) and thank god for all the air beds we had ;p

sunday i was again awake fairly early as were jess and vicky and eventually liz who came to hang out with us on our side of the room again. we got dressed and liz and i headed to fanime while the rest did there thing. holy crap the trio did not get out of bed until 2 pm and out of the hotel until 5 pm >.o srsly killing me (but not my problem ;p)

saturday i wore my new underbust corset and ridiculous pushup bra (tada!) sadly that was the only pic i have and it doesn't show how small my waist was in that >3 or my shiney awesome belt thing~ but oh well. i spent most of the day hanging out and helping at the ycon booth. did get to see terri for a bit ^_^ then liz and i left for foods and to get ready for the evening. she had to MC the ycon evening charity auction thing. i came along and ended up sitting with charisse (<333!) up at the front selling tickets. soooo weird to be on the staff side of things for once instead of in the crowed ^^ liz was a great MC and was hilarious ^_^ charisse and i spent the whole time harassing a new bishi who is cuuuute~ (pic later) we giggled and giggled and giggled. after the event we went back to the room and chatted with jess and vicky who were just back from the ball. around 2 is we finally went to bed and i think the trio finally came back around 3 is (they are so crazy) please also note the lack of sleep here ppl x.x

today we got up fairly earlish as we had to pack up and check out. liz and i of course are not messy but some the trio def are and the rooms were a wreck of booze, food, and stuff >.> but we made it out and liz and i helped out at ycon booth until closing then helped packed up. i did magically run into terri one last time and got to say bye <3!
the whole time i hadn't bought anything but at the last minute i got a neat print in the dealers room (orig art) and then a print from ycon booth because i couldn't resist. it's a gankutsuo pic which will always be one of my fave animes ^^ after clean up (wow was that interesting!) liz and i ate and then fiiiiiiinally drove home x.x SO TIRED.

but everything is unpacked and put away and while i REALLY don't want to go to work tomorrow i can't call in sick (boooo) and at least it's only a 4 day week right? ;p
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