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( Jan. 9th, 2011 07:17 pm)
so er happy new year and stuff! i have been lurking a lot >.> and while i probably should type up lots of stuff, instead i'm going to say 3 day weekend fken rocks! i called in sick (or as liz calls it calling in "go fuck yourself") on friday and man that was one awesome day! i slept in, did some exercise, got a massage (that i had a coupon for <3!), had a late lunch, then manicure and pedicure ^_^ that is one awesome sick day if you ask me ;p

in other news christmas / new years was both chill and busy at the same time. saw people, hung out, very nice and fairly low key just like i prefer my holidays ^_^ and bonus not filled with family! ;p also i saw tron <3 and due to my complete lack of paying attention to pop culture was pleasantly surprised to find out daft punk did the music (and a cameo <3!)

in less happy news the reason i keep lurking so much is that i feel really disconnected right now. kinda have since thanksgiving. not that i'm not having fun but yea... tired and drained and mentally trying to avoid the black hole that is my work >.< but i swear to god i have hit my last straw and i swore to myself after the holidays i was going to stop putting it off and whining and look for a new job. i have to get out of there, seriously its driving me insane D:

in better news adam lambert fandom is an awesome place to lose yourself in and man these peeps give out some awesome fanservice <33333333


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