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( Jan. 23rd, 2011 09:05 pm)
i have new music! and i am caught up (mostly) with my pics!! OMG YO that's like accomplishment or some shit~! :p new pics are here they do not include ycon pics as that is the family friendly account ;p though speaking of ycon here's a pic someone else took of me :p the amount of happy experienced in that pic is not definable by words other than ajflkdsjfskldjfdskl TALL NOM NOM :d why yes those are the two tallest bishi at the whole con >3

so what have i been up to? *tries to remember* :p last friday after work i met up with carrie, liz, and several of her peeps for drinks at a bar. which started out with wandering as the bar opened later than they should on a friday. but then we got in and someone had an awesome coupon so we got lots of noms and drinks for hella cheap ^_^ and silliness was had by all. the next (groggy) day i went into sf to meet up with tree at a french soul food place of tasty noms. the wait is always at least an hour to get a table, that's how you know~ it's good. i had sweet potato pancakes with pecan syrup *_* omfg NOMS. then we went to the asian museum for the last day of the japanese screen exhibit. pretty awesome. then wandered down to the mission for shoppins at all the random fun places. and we found a liz who was taking around helena and bf (both in town visiting) we walked around and then had dinner and liz bought awesome stuff (girl is a shopaholic right now ;p)

and this week pondy and j came over for dinner on tuesday and we were supposed to watch white collar but it wouldn't dl fast enough. so the next night we went over to their place and they made us food and we watched it then ^_^ omg i'm soooo glad white collar is back! <3

friday tree and i went to a talk by joel salatin who owns polyface farms and is a famous sustainable farmer. it was pretty awesome and we got to see angie for a brief bit (she helped set up the whole talk) aaaand yesterday liz and i went into sf to meet up with carrie, liz's coworker jen and friend for brunch :d coconut pancakes with ginger syrup *_*_*_* then liz, carrie, and i went to shop at the vendors for the edwardian ball. mmm steampunk etc all around~ we all ended up getting hair pieces :) i looove mine but there was another one i REALLY wanted too. it was too expensive but soo pretty~ then they drug me all around town because they wanted bubble tea D: but then they fed me sushi :) today i haven't done much and that was nice ^_^


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