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( Feb. 17th, 2011 10:22 pm)
OK so i started this post on sunday night but then i had to pick up liz at the airport and there were garage door shenanigans and insainity and where has this week gone?!? and then i got a new phone on tuesday AND IT MAKES ME SO GODDAMN HAPPY :D :D :D

(beginning of original post >.>) oh hai thar! this is me forcing myself to post cause i keep thinking about it and then not doing it >.o which is lame cause i have fun things to talk about.. *wacks brain*

so 3 weekends ago we had a potluck dinner party thing of awesomeness. (even though *everyone* brought dessert! ;p) lots of ycon people here and some awesome conversation. so many awesome friends up here from so many walks of life <3 ^_^ also we need to do evening parties way more often as it gives soooo much more time to get ready ^^; fk this brunch shit, we can sleep in more ^_~

two weekends ago was nice and relaxing, farmers market, basking in some nice sun that came through and lasted about a week. heh i feel bad complaining when i'm cold and then i realize a huge chunk of you are shoveling snow ^^;; this last weekend liz was out of town and i spent saturday and sunday with carrie ^_^ i told her that makes her my valentine <3 she gets me into expensive things though D: a few weeks ago she posted some links to etsy and some beautiful beads and now she's showing me her pretty pandora bracelet with beads etc and now i have one too >.o i also have some nice shiney new makeup cause my tax return came through and it's shoppin tiem~! i'm so excited \o/ and then liz was my valentine cause she ordered me pizza cause i had a long day at work on monday etc and we watched white collar and drag race (go raja go!)

AND THEN I BOUGHT A NEW PHONE AND I AM SO IN LOVE WITH IT >3 it's an evo shift and jfakljfdsklf so much shiney *______* i can like see my actual emails with html links that are viewable and i CAN CLICK ON THINGS AND THEY OPEN NOW o.o

and then i found out the corset i want is out in my size right now... so i reserved it and bought another one! :P have i mentioned how much i love my tax refund???? >3 also how happy am i that tomorrow is FRIDAY?? SO DAMN HAPPY! i also may be slightly insane right now due to.. idk full moon? excessive squee over new phone??? insomnia blows
/insane babble >.>;


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