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( Mar. 6th, 2011 10:27 pm)
wow the days have been flying by and i can't believe it's march already! but i'm super excited it is as we are doing lots of fun things this month and next. my weekends are getting veeeery full! :)

this saturday carrie came over and we all had brunch and then went to the oakland museum white elephant sale. (kinda like a HUUUGE garage sale) they didn't like it because it was too crowded but i ended up scoring big time. in the book section i realized they were organized into sections and zoomed over to the gardening area. got a ton of books for $7.50!! >3 sooo awesome~ and that night we had sushi noms with stacy! <3

was supposed to go back to the white elephant today with kimi but we didn't end up going. a little sad because i wanted to look at the books more, but it is reaaaally hard carrying them around because they don't allow backpacks inside so oh well~ instead was supposed to have a nice relaxing day at home and liz was going to bake... and she did in fact bake, lemon bars and peanut butter carmel rice crispy treats :d but then she and carrie dragged me shopping *dramatic sigh* but that turned out to be a good thing because we found out just before coming home that the power had been out in our building for most of the time we were gone o.o it came on just before we got home.

this was also fortuitous for me as the landlord was board due to the power outage and he changed my windshield wipers, and then found a new headlight for me (was supposed to buy one today) and fixed that as well. and he changed the battery for my car alarm remote. i didn't have a screwdriver small enough. i love him so much <3 he's so nice to us and he looooves to fix cars. works well for me! ^_~ so all in all today was tiring but full of accomplishment! and of course, noms ^_~


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