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( May. 12th, 2011 09:29 pm)
so the little mermaid ballet was good. not fantastic and not awful - i need to stick with the more classic ones methinks. i didn't understand a lot of the "story" as told through dance and the music was more modern with a lot of discordant notes which makes me feel nervous and edgy >.o i like melodious things goddamnit! ;p also i was waaaaaaaaaay up in the nose bleed seats so it was kinda hard to see :( need to get some opera glasses

over the weekend liz's friends new restaurant opened - southern creole comfort food :d zomfg it was *delicious* esp the yan-yan tater tots with some kind of *amazing* cilantro sauce *_____* we ate sooooooooooo much~ sunday liz made me and carrie lemon bars and then we saw thor. mmmmmmmmmmmm hot shirtless man ftw! <3

but the bestest thing ever was last night. i FINALLY got to see cats live!! and my seat was *awesome!* the performance was really good and they interacted with the audience a lot and in very funny ways ^_^ i've been singing the songs to myself all day and i need someone to rub up on and get my kitty-ness out =^_~= purrrrrr <3

of course that means i was out quite late last night and then i couldn't get to sleep when i got home >.o soooo tired. i was dragging so bad this morning i kinda wanted to cry when i realized it was only *thursday* z.z but feeling better now ^^;

we hadn't had anything planned for this weekend but charisse wanted to go see hugh jackman, so liz and i are going with her on saturday ^_^ i'm not at all sad about this ^_~ man this is a week of the theater arts for me! ^__^


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