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( May. 16th, 2011 09:00 pm)
fun weekend was fun ^_^ friday i went to see the movie hanna with carrie. was really interesting and i rather liked the music. saturday hung out with liz and devon and ran errands etc. we made him watch new trek cause he hadn't seen it. the poor boy was subject to all our random sayings and words and quirky weirdness ;p i swear liz and i have our own language ^^; saturday night liz and i went with charrise to see hugh jackman perform a one man show. it was AWESOME! we had so much fun and he was sooooo fabulous~ such a great singer, i really wish i could have seen him in oaklahoma

sunday was more bumming around the house and errands and a lovely walk around the lake in the late afternoon ^_^ and liz made her super yummy cuban black beans and rice for dinner. OM NOM NOM NOM!!! :d also we watched kiss kiss bang bang which i had never seen. so random, so horribly awesome. poor rdj always getting beat up ^^;

hmm i feel like i had other things to say but now i've forgotten (whats new~?) sleepy neko is sleepy and full of spicy tuna sushi :dddd


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