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( Jul. 7th, 2011 09:35 pm)
we have been having the most lovely weather ^_^ finally warm warm warm <3

saturday i had lunch with carrie in the city and then we saw the movie beginners. not as funny as the trailers might lead you to believe but a very good movie. ewan mcgreggor <3! then we had tasty mexican noms for dinner :d

sunday carrie and i drove down to the county fair. it was 98 degrees and lovely and dry~ >3 i loved it ;p we met pondy and j there and hung out while eating things that were not good for us :d they left after a while and then we were joined by alex for a while. we saw cute animals and then sat down for mutton busters >3 putting small children on sheep and telling them to hang on. excellent sport imo ^_~ carrie and i had tasty italian for dinner and then walked all the way around the lake. a very lovely day indeed.

monday i actually had off this year! woot~ had a nice lazy morning, walked around the lake, and had a nice lazy afternoon. perfect day off ;p and now it's already friday and i only work 3 days next week. yay 4 day weekend ^____^


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