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( Sep. 15th, 2011 09:26 pm)
thank you for the bday wishes everyone ^_^ the day itself was uneventful, as always i had to work. but liz took me to sushi boat after wards and they played me the happy birthday song and i got a xmas paper samurai hat!! it was awesome~

labor day weekend was looooooooooong >.o friday night i went to a dueling piano bar with some work friends. it was awesome and they made me get on stage for an embaressing bday song >.o saturday i sorta had a date with a friend of a friend i met at our party... he's a nice guy but way too eager and just not what i'm looking for :( i'm bad at this stuff. he also kept me up way later than i wanted to be up which is not a good way to make an impression on me >.> sunday into the city with kelda, mitch, carrie, and tree for brunch and a 4 hour japanese film. the film was love exposure and it was weeeeeeeeeeeeird o.o funny, but weird and awkward. monday instead of sleeping like i wanted to i had to roll out of bed because my parents were visiting. i can't be too upset though because they brought up 3 huge boxes of my books for me ^^; YAY BOOKS!! also that was the perfect amount of time to see them imo >.> they don't know yet but i'm not going home at all this year ^^;

last weekend liz, carrie, and i went whale watching in monterey. no whales and i got sorta sick as all the exhaustion of the last few weeks caught up with me >.o thankfully i did not "feed the fishes" though apparently several other people did. we got free vouchers to go back and try again ^^ sunday i did NOTHING AND IT WAS GOOD ^_^

this week has been way too long though today i called out "sick" to get a break. i reaaaaaaally needed one. tomorrows going to be hell though cause i found out the other main person in my dept also called out sick today. oh well i'll try to save that drama for when i actually get to work >.< btw in case you did not know... pintrest is the DEVIL! :p and also, i joined a gym! oooooow >.>;


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