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( Jul. 22nd, 2012 09:41 pm)
zomg its been since april that i posted o.O but lots of good things to report! my dad made it through his first surgery well and then had his second this month. he's doing well and on the mend ^_^ he's a tough ol bird <3

the weather this summer has been AMAZING! it's been warm enough that i actually have worn skirts!! \o/ in fact i got sunburnt yesterday ^^; but so worth it~

also kate got a job and place (wooo!) so her stuff is now mostly gone from the apartment. it looks empty(ish) but i like it, lots less clutter. it also was a catalyst to get me to go through closet etc today. got rid of lots o junk! still some to go but i made good progress ^_^ (made liz go through her closet too :p)

and for the few of you who know how funny this is, i found a beer i like! (crazy right??) blue moon does not suck ^^ and on the food subject- liz, devin, and i have decided to fangirl anthony bourdain like crazy :p we've been reading his books and i've been watching no reservations like crazy ^_^

also, also! for those of you hounding me, i finally started watching sherlock and LOVE IT!!! i havent seen ep 6 yet though.


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