hey so i still exist! ;p i know y'all are sooooo happy ^_~ and for more fun here's another pic of me in my corset from fanime. yay someone actually had a pic of me in my whole outfit ^^ (liz is going to kill me for posting that but oh well~ >3) at some point i need to get around to finding the few other pics i have >.>;

so things wot i've been up to~ two saturdays ago carrie and i went to a glass blowing class ^_^ i suck at it! but it was fun and i'm glad we went. it's kinda hard cause you really have to use your arm and wrist a lot and i am a wuss with heat ^^;; also the guy teaching it was kinda a hippy and not the best teacher. but again, still fun and glad we went ^^

this last saturday a huge group of us went bar hopping in the castro for one of the trio's bday. i was the designated and hugely enjoyed watching drunken shenanigans >3 and several of them were, really drunk that is ^^; also i have decided if i have to go dancing i much prefer the super packed dance floors where all you can do is kind of wiggle. this way i can hide my TOTAL LACK OF RHYTHM ;p and when they are packed with gay men you don't have to worry about getting groped ^^;

also fun was herding drunken peeps back to the car and then getting lost on the way to the highway with only drunken peeps to give directions ^^;; but we made it home! and a few others came with as well. so then we had random nudity and eating of cold pizza and toast. the trio slept over at our place and we went to bed around 4:30 ish >.o tired neko was tired the next day. so we did nothing! it was awesome :)

this weekend is pride and noming at the park while watching one of the parades ^_^


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