happy pride weekend y'all! also GO NY!! <3

yesterday we ran errands and then devin drove liz and i into the city to drop us off <3 we met up with stacy, cat, charlie, and friend who's name i don't recall. they were already picnicing in dolores park but we brought more noms and an actual blanket to sit on :) we had noms of cheese, bread, humus, crackers and other random bits. sadly no booze *waa waa~* it was nice and sunny so liz took off her pants... no one is shocked (and i have pictures!) as it was pride weekend and we were in the middle of the castro there was lots of special special outfits and random nudity. and then carrie came to join us! :)

after a bit the wind picked up and it was not as warm anymore *sad face* sydney, devin, and patrick showed up and we lost everyone else to warmer areas with booze. the rest of us stuck it out and hung out in the park waiting on more people to show up while the dyke march was going on next to the park. andi joined us and then kelly also joined us with some of his friends and booze! much rejoicing was had. after a while we packed it up and dropped stuff off at devins car so we could head over to the pink party.

then dancing and sheninigans were had yaaaaay~ after a while we were dying of thirst and a bit hungry but that didn't work out and then it was time to go as we had to bart back and it stops running around midnight :(

today liz and i are both laying around getting our relaxing on and posting pics to facebook etc. so now... PICS! (you know like i'm always saying i'm going to post >.>;;)
carrie at our glass blowing class
me at glass blowing class ^^
sydney, patrick, and liz from last weekends bar hopping
morning after drunken bar hopping (eating cake on the floor <3
charlie, cat, stacey, (unknown friend), and liz with no pants! ;p
sheninigans group - kelly, liz, devin, sydney, patrick, me :)
dancing in the castro at the pink party :)
me and patrick on the bart ride home after pride (feathers everywhere!)
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