zomg i am so tan right now! o.0; for those of you who have seen my chalky self in person you know how crazy that is ;p but i've like been in the sun and stuff! and there's been sun this year to be in! \o/ excite!

point in case, yesterday liz and i went to the beach and met up with a bunch of awesome peeps. we were there for at least 5 hours and i only have one lil stripe of sun burn at the top of one leg where i think i didn't get enough sun block. that is a huge accomplishment for me ;p i burn easily and usually often >.>; but we had such a good time hanging out even though we got home late and are quite tired x.x

i've seen movies lately too! this last saturday i saw super 8 with carrie (liked it a lot) and the saturday before we saw hp7.5 which i also quite liked.

i also had a few days off in the last two weeks and did fun things like go to golden gate park, the conservatory of flowers, and the berkeley marina <3 had to renew my license too but that only took 15 minutes at the DMV o.O that was kinda awesome since i took the whole day off for it ;p

and now imma go kill the two god awful yappy dogs that live in the complex behind ours DDDDD:
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