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([personal profile] nekofreak Jan. 5th, 2012 08:34 pm)
happy new year!! yea yea late as always, i know ;p

but i had a great new year, and christmas... and december in general ^_^

the first weekend in dec carrie and i went to vegas and saw THREE cirque du solei shows!! we saw "O", zumanity, and mystere. they were all AMAZING ^_^ the weekend was awesome and chill and super fun. carrie had never been to vegas and i haven't been in like 10 years. we did window shopping and noms ^_^

the next two weekends encompassed dickens fair (of FUN), the renegade craft fair, and a fun dinner at flower + water for carrie's bday ^_^ (table full of crazy ladies FTW!)

xmas was great! i saw the muppet movie on saturday and on sunday drove up to thorns to join liz and a few peeps for fun and food and presents ^_^ stayed overnight and then there was drunken shenanigans at target the next day ;p

new years was a house party with the alexes ^_^ lots of fun was had and slightly!drunken alexes are adorable ^_~ liz was out unil 8 am o.O she and thorn are CRAZY ;p monday was hanging out and dinner party at the alexes ^_^

and tomorrow is a day off work to NOT BE AT WORK! also hanging out with the alexes ^_^
(btw dreamwidth peoples, i have unsubscribed a few of you since i follow you on lj also... too much xposting ;p)
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