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( Feb. 27th, 2011 10:04 pm)
so it didn't snow here even though they kept saying it was going to. i never believed them any way ;p it was however REALLY fucking cold last week! and i got a double attack of weird allergies and sorta flu thing and was kinda in a fog all damn week >.o i didn't really feel coherent until friday afternoon. which is good because friday night i got to collect a veeeeeeery drunk roomy from bart and we (noami and i) took her out to sushi >3 drunken liz is about the most adorable thing ever, esp since she's not a barfy drunk. SO DAMN FUNNY ^_~ and then the next morning bitch wasn't even hung over and woke me up too early ;p

we spent saturday hanging out with carrie and running errands, eating noms, and shoppins. i actually bought skinny jeans >.< oh god what is this world coming to??? of course that means now i have to buy some super awesome boots >3 and speaking of shoes *last* saturday liz took me shopping and i bought HEELS for the first time in probably 5 - 6 years >.o it's been a long damn time. but now i am the proud owner of two pairs of slutty black heels ;p liz is bound and determined to get me to dress like *gasp* a girl! ;p

also yesterday we came back home with our spoils of war shoppins and decided to play with nail polish ^^ i showed carrie my huge collection. and then decided to try out different colors which wound up with me having a different color on every nail ^^ i haven't been painting my nails for quite a while, it was funny ;p and i knew i was going to get a manicure today so it was fine. it made me laugh quite a lot actually ^^ now my nails and toes are a lovely shade of teal ^^

today i didn't accomplish as much as i wanted to, but mani and pedi were procured as well as laundry done, room picked up, drains draino'd and dishes done ^^ and i really really don't want to go back to work tomorrow D: why aren't weekends longer???? *sigh* *huge snugs for flist* <3 ^^
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( Feb. 17th, 2011 10:22 pm)
OK so i started this post on sunday night but then i had to pick up liz at the airport and there were garage door shenanigans and insainity and where has this week gone?!? and then i got a new phone on tuesday AND IT MAKES ME SO GODDAMN HAPPY :D :D :D

(beginning of original post >.>) oh hai thar! this is me forcing myself to post cause i keep thinking about it and then not doing it >.o which is lame cause i have fun things to talk about.. *wacks brain*

so 3 weekends ago we had a potluck dinner party thing of awesomeness. (even though *everyone* brought dessert! ;p) lots of ycon people here and some awesome conversation. so many awesome friends up here from so many walks of life <3 ^_^ also we need to do evening parties way more often as it gives soooo much more time to get ready ^^; fk this brunch shit, we can sleep in more ^_~

two weekends ago was nice and relaxing, farmers market, basking in some nice sun that came through and lasted about a week. heh i feel bad complaining when i'm cold and then i realize a huge chunk of you are shoveling snow ^^;; this last weekend liz was out of town and i spent saturday and sunday with carrie ^_^ i told her that makes her my valentine <3 she gets me into expensive things though D: a few weeks ago she posted some links to etsy and some beautiful beads and now she's showing me her pretty pandora bracelet with beads etc and now i have one too >.o i also have some nice shiney new makeup cause my tax return came through and it's shoppin tiem~! i'm so excited \o/ and then liz was my valentine cause she ordered me pizza cause i had a long day at work on monday etc and we watched white collar and drag race (go raja go!)

AND THEN I BOUGHT A NEW PHONE AND I AM SO IN LOVE WITH IT >3 it's an evo shift and jfakljfdsklf so much shiney *______* i can like see my actual emails with html links that are viewable and i CAN CLICK ON THINGS AND THEY OPEN NOW o.o

and then i found out the corset i want is out in my size right now... so i reserved it and bought another one! :P have i mentioned how much i love my tax refund???? >3 also how happy am i that tomorrow is FRIDAY?? SO DAMN HAPPY! i also may be slightly insane right now due to.. idk full moon? excessive squee over new phone??? insomnia blows
/insane babble >.>;
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( Jan. 23rd, 2011 09:05 pm)
i have new music! and i am caught up (mostly) with my pics!! OMG YO that's like accomplishment or some shit~! :p new pics are here they do not include ycon pics as that is the family friendly account ;p though speaking of ycon here's a pic someone else took of me :p the amount of happy experienced in that pic is not definable by words other than ajflkdsjfskldjfdskl TALL NOM NOM :d why yes those are the two tallest bishi at the whole con >3

so what have i been up to? *tries to remember* :p last friday after work i met up with carrie, liz, and several of her peeps for drinks at a bar. which started out with wandering as the bar opened later than they should on a friday. but then we got in and someone had an awesome coupon so we got lots of noms and drinks for hella cheap ^_^ and silliness was had by all. the next (groggy) day i went into sf to meet up with tree at a french soul food place of tasty noms. the wait is always at least an hour to get a table, that's how you know~ it's good. i had sweet potato pancakes with pecan syrup *_* omfg NOMS. then we went to the asian museum for the last day of the japanese screen exhibit. pretty awesome. then wandered down to the mission for shoppins at all the random fun places. and we found a liz who was taking around helena and bf (both in town visiting) we walked around and then had dinner and liz bought awesome stuff (girl is a shopaholic right now ;p)

and this week pondy and j came over for dinner on tuesday and we were supposed to watch white collar but it wouldn't dl fast enough. so the next night we went over to their place and they made us food and we watched it then ^_^ omg i'm soooo glad white collar is back! <3

friday tree and i went to a talk by joel salatin who owns polyface farms and is a famous sustainable farmer. it was pretty awesome and we got to see angie for a brief bit (she helped set up the whole talk) aaaand yesterday liz and i went into sf to meet up with carrie, liz's coworker jen and friend for brunch :d coconut pancakes with ginger syrup *_*_*_* then liz, carrie, and i went to shop at the vendors for the edwardian ball. mmm steampunk etc all around~ we all ended up getting hair pieces :) i looove mine but there was another one i REALLY wanted too. it was too expensive but soo pretty~ then they drug me all around town because they wanted bubble tea D: but then they fed me sushi :) today i haven't done much and that was nice ^_^
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( Jan. 9th, 2011 07:17 pm)
so er happy new year and stuff! i have been lurking a lot >.> and while i probably should type up lots of stuff, instead i'm going to say 3 day weekend fken rocks! i called in sick (or as liz calls it calling in "go fuck yourself") on friday and man that was one awesome day! i slept in, did some exercise, got a massage (that i had a coupon for <3!), had a late lunch, then manicure and pedicure ^_^ that is one awesome sick day if you ask me ;p

in other news christmas / new years was both chill and busy at the same time. saw people, hung out, very nice and fairly low key just like i prefer my holidays ^_^ and bonus not filled with family! ;p also i saw tron <3 and due to my complete lack of paying attention to pop culture was pleasantly surprised to find out daft punk did the music (and a cameo <3!)

in less happy news the reason i keep lurking so much is that i feel really disconnected right now. kinda have since thanksgiving. not that i'm not having fun but yea... tired and drained and mentally trying to avoid the black hole that is my work >.< but i swear to god i have hit my last straw and i swore to myself after the holidays i was going to stop putting it off and whining and look for a new job. i have to get out of there, seriously its driving me insane D:

in better news adam lambert fandom is an awesome place to lose yourself in and man these peeps give out some awesome fanservice <33333333
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( Dec. 22nd, 2010 10:09 pm)
neko has lost too much sleep and has now become a sleepy zombie~ D: for reals~ monday i came home from a super insane work day (down half my staff), ate dinner, fell asleep until 11 and then went to bed >.o sooooooo tired~ but worth it cause it was a busy weekend ^^;

saturday liz, kelda, kelda's dad, and i went to dickens fair (with appearances from others~) i wore my steam punk outfit ^_^ it was lots of fun~ we had tea and scones and crumpets! nom noms :d and i bought *KEYS* @_____@ i got a big ring of skeleton keys and a set of smaller, slimer keys >3 and a cool rusty lock thing. two of those things came from the pirate store ^_^ <3 (i love old keys in case you were wondering >.>;) i wanted to buy lots of other things but they were waaaaaay expensive D:

sunday we (we being kelda, mitch, kelda-dad, liz, and i) made a brief stop at the underground market take homeables, but it was a bit disappointing :( though mini grilled cheese with fruit chutney :d then we went to the renegade craft fair~! was super excited for that ^^ saw lots of neat stuff but much of it was over priced D: got a nifty small watch on a necklace, an old key (who's shocked? >.>) and a feather dangly thing with beads that i have /plans/ for ;p liz got food things (also not shocking) and we got stuck on public transportation twice! >.o we had a late lunch with carrie in the castro at a yummy tea place. there as a lot of good tea this weekend ^^ i *reaaaaaaaally* need to stop drinking caffeinated teas though >.o caffeine makes me a lil crazy and unable to sleep D: which is what happened sunday night (i think)

anyhoo my work decided to give us all the 24th off (OMG YEY) so tomorrow is my friday and it can't be over soon enough x.x now sleep time yis~ *snuggles flist~*
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( Dec. 12th, 2010 10:33 pm)
why is the weekend gone?!? they go by too quickly D: this was a very nice weekend though ^_^ lots of lounging and some apartment cleaning. kelda and i inflicting some sailor moon on liz >3 and today we had a brunch of super tasty noms with awesome friends. pondy and j even showed up \o/ i love it when we all get together, whoever "we" is at the time, and eat noms and blah blah about everything under the sun. there are always awesomely hilarious things (like laser mounted narwhals!) and random things of randomness~ and then a giant mountain of dishes to clean >.> but liz and i make a good team and always pick up quickly ^_^

in other news i've been filling almost all free time with my new obsession of adam lambert. you all should feel some pity for liz >3 but i love him and the fact that he has an *amazing* voice and he's super pretty and wears awesome things and makeup and makes out with his super adorable "straight" bassist. don't care if that's real or not or personas (i'm FUCKING SHALLOW PEOPLE! look at that icon ;p) they are pretty and hitting all of my buttons right now ^_^ also it feels good to be enamored of a real live actual person for the first time in a long time ^^;;

in other news i hate work and everything about it. not news at all really. but i'm trying to focus on how awesome next weekend is going to be~ dickens fair, renegade craft fair, possibly the underground market~ fun times all around ^___^
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( Dec. 1st, 2010 09:26 pm)
oh hello thar, i do still exist >.>; spent thanksgiving weekend in so cal with family... i am thankful.. that i don't live in so cal any more! ^^; not just my parents house but the area in general. as soon as i got there this time i felt all my old bad triggers coming back and felt tired and anxious and lethargic. also i wanted to eat nothing but junk (which is really all that's available) and it dried the fuck out my skin >.o buh i DO NOT miss that!

emo family ramblings )

i may not go back down there again any time soon. it's so toxic for me and does me no good and uses up money i sure as hell could put to better use. to sum up my 4 day trip, we watched about 14+ hours of deadliest catch marathons for lack of anything better to do.... -_- though on the upside i also spent a fuck lot of time reading porn for my new fandom (adam lambert that is~) *glares at dustin and blue* ;p i like pretty bois in pretty makeup making out with each other~ and he has a good voice to boot ^_^ *watches gifs and vids over and over~* *_*_*_*
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( Nov. 24th, 2010 09:30 am)
so i'm in So Cal safe and sound~ flew home for thanksgiving ^_^ everyone is working today D: well except my dad but he just went to go get his hair cut. heh the one time i don't need to do shopping when i come down here and i've got almost a whole day to myself. irony~

man we are having a sudden cold snap and it is COLD! *finds fingerless gloves* brrr. had a nice weekend though. went down to santa cruz to visit hana on saturday ^^ we had a nice day despite the crazy storm that blew through. almost kept me there overnight with the crazy wind, lightning, etc. but then it finally calmed down. we watched the last hp movie on dvd and now i'm all excited to see the new one. hm maybe i'll do that today ;p

sunday i slept in reaaaaaaaaaaaally late cause i had been up super late two days in a row and then suddenly my body decided it was time to CLEAN ALL THE THINGS! ;p our kitchen looks fantastic~ ;p (and then i realized it was a full moon and things made more sense >.>;)

barely made it through two days of work in a allergy induced haze of omgbuhwhyamiawake?!?! D: which is bad since the new guy started this week but meh who cares when you only have to work 2 days? :p

and that is it for updatey things. i've been up since 4 am and i am le tired.. and possibly vauguely hungery... z.Z i will say this though, i did not think i was going to make my flight cause there were a LOT more people at the airport than i thought, but oakland airport fking rocks and i zipped through luggage check in and security (no groaping or full body scan yay~)
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( Nov. 15th, 2010 08:05 pm)
so yes er i will work on a con report. however i spent most of last week in a theraflu induced haze as i had allergies and a small head cold type thing. it was not fun at all and resulted in lots of staring at the wall etc when i came home from work >.o

but the weekend was fun ^_^ liz and i went to the farmers market for the first time in ages~ i miss all the summer fruits ;____; citrus hasn't come in yet and i only like apples some times. anyhoo it was still fun and noms were purchased. then we had eithiopian for lunch :d then some nap time for me >.o was still tired. saturday night i got dolled up and tree and i went to cal berkeley to see a traditional kabuki performance. it was really cool! except for the stupid quasi rich people in front of me, but i ignored them and enjoyed a beautiful art in motion performance. there was a short comedy piece and then a longer drama piece. that also had it's funny moments ^^ very enjoyable all around ^_^

sunday i slept in A LOT. and then liz and i finally got up and ate brunchish.. around 1 pm >.> we loves the bed yis ^^ then off to target where we spent too much but got fun and necessary things~ then watching some bsg and chillin the rest of the day ^^

and now i'm trying to get a bunch of little things done but i don't want to do any of them D: someone needs to find me a sugar daddy ^_~
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( Nov. 7th, 2010 10:39 pm)
i will in fact make a con post once my world slows down a bit ;p drove back home on tuesday afternoon, unpacked and spent some quality bed and laptop time. had to go back to work on wed :( which was the ginormous giants appreciation parade day... not the best way to start going back to work as the parade greatly affected my department >.o

anyhoo the week went by and while i got some good bed time in on saturday morning liz and i finally had to drag ourselves out to get ready for the clearance halloween party liz decided to have since we were away halloween weekend. many hours were spent cleaning the apartment, putting up decorations, and liz made lots of tasty noms :d the party was a huge success and much fun was had by all ^_^ i wore my cat ears and tail since i virtually never wear them at cons any more and i wanted something comfy that was not steam punk. i always do steam punk >.>;;

today we had a nice lay in and then i had to start doing dishes from the party D: there were A LOT. in the afternoon carrie came over and we all went to see due date. overall ok movie with some very funny parts. rdj was delicious as always and made the movie :d after that we went to whole foods to get nummy cheese :d and then to SUPER nummy italian food. we will so be going back there again <3!

lots of pics to come eventually.. oy lots to go through >.o
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( Oct. 29th, 2010 07:34 am)
updaty things~ this week has been insanity ^^;
tried to pack for ycon on saturday but my period slapped me in the face and then kicked me while i was down >.o i was supposed to leave by 10 am the next day to pick up gnome at the airport but thankfully (for me) she was delayed by a few hours due to the storm we had over the weekend. low visability ftw >.o so i finished (over)packing on sunday and did the various things i needed to do. picked up gnome from the airport, checked in, and while we were puttering around the room all the power went out (5:30 pm) o.O we had been planning on food so we grabbed laptops and went to panera for a while. mmmmm panera :d then we hit grocery stores etc. when we got back there was still no power o.O; asked the front desk and found out there was a problem with the transformer outside due to the storm. we saw people walking around with glow sticks and decided to go to walgreens and buy a bunch as well as some flashlights ^^ btw we are on the 8th floor with no elevator working... >.> so we ran around the hotel with glow sticks being lame and silly and giggly ^^; power came back on at 6:30 am o.o we turned out lights and went back to sleep

tuesday we puttered around then went to the airport to pick up zalia~! ^_^ poor dear had a heck of a flight (as did gnome) so we took her back to the hotel and sat around for a while. that evening i took them to my apartment to show them around. then we grabbed liz and went to sushi boat for NOMS. and then we had froyo and went to trader joes :d tuesday i picked up dustin and kalli from the airport and brought them back. yay full room! and later we headed in for our first trip to japantown (and stopped at panera on the way ;p)

wednesday we headed in to the city for china town and had randomness, followed by authentic dim sum which was good but some weird ;p then we went to fisherman's wharf / pier 39 and the aquarium of the bay ^^ yay fishies~ zalia and kalli petted lots of things ^^ (i have pics!) that night i drove misty (who arrived in the afternoon), gnome, and zalia to a hockey game in san jose. dustin and i had a nice chill dinner while they were at the game and i sped us all home nice and quickly when it was over ^_~ and that night there was a planned power outtage to move from a generator back to the transformer. we got more glow sticks and ran around the hotel being dorks again (who's shocked? ^_~)

thursday was another trip into japantown with a stop at the mall and old navy first (we had now added a jamie. ann, and mim to the group as well ^^). yay shoppins~ then delicious late lunch (MMMMM croquettes) then more shoppins in jtown ^^ terri took several peeps back to the hotel and four of us took the bus to powell to go to h&m for more shoppins. we like teh shoppins >.>; three of us bought the same gloves ;p (also btw the only things i've purchased so far are a pin and gloves and lots of snacks ;p) then back to the hotel for insanity with room switching etc.
all said and done i'm now rooming with tree (had to move to a hypo-allergenic room cause they use too many chemical nasties here) and i finally reunited liz with her suit case (and underwear) that had been in my trunk all week ^^;

i'm up way too early this morning *super yawn* and i'm supper annoyed.. i was just at old navy YESTERDAY but no they started a sale TODAY D: i've been eyeballing a jacket for months and waiting for the traditional fall jacket sale.... *rowr* i have to go find an old navy now today (thank god i have my car ;p) i'm not passing up 50% off that jacket i want! *shakey fist* it will be MINE >3
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( Oct. 10th, 2010 10:55 pm)
another weekend of noms~ who's shocked? ;p friday night liz and i had dinner with stacy (yay <3!) we ate at a nummy thai place then had froyo :d saturday was errand / shoppins day with liz- first the fail post office D: then brunch at our new fave mediterranean brunch place :d then on to home depot, michaels, lush, and sephora... too much monies were spent D: and that evening was another underground market of super noms :d we met carrie there and kelda showed up eventually too. that is the best way to do the market, with friends who don't mind sharing germs ^_~ and since we got there early this time and knew what to look for we got the cheezy potatoes :d

today was laziness then another craft store and panera! and froyo :d i found two awesome masks for cheap at the craft store.. i'm super excited ^^ thinking of building a costume around one for ycon but yikes not much time! then we tried to make fascinators, but realized we don't have enough of the right feathers. why is it so hard / expensive to get good feathers? D: i did find some fun things at the craft stores though and i made myself a cute pair of fan earrings ^_^ spent the rest of the day watching new anime shows, some interesting ones this season ^^
why is tomorrow monday??? ;_;
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( Oct. 6th, 2010 10:38 pm)
pics! yes finally! ^_^ here is the flickr link for all and i will also highlight a few below ^^

first off is me and liz from house of noms dress up drunken party ^^ (there was not that much drinking :p) and then there was me finally making it to the santa cruz boardwalk on a lovely day~ and the white pelicans that live near the lake. they are almost always all together ^^ and the epic caber toss that reveals what he wore under his kilt ;p

a pic of my papa cause that's one of the best ever taken ^^ from brunch a beautiful cup of tea that was also tasty ^^ and the glass pumpkin patch which was quite large. a blue one i wanted to take home. i have not yet taken pics of the ones i bought though >.> ehehe doh?

so far the new camera seems to be working well so i hope i will have more pics in the near future ^_^ that's three things off my to do list tonight: laundry, book thanksgiving flight, and upload pics ^_^ nighty night all *smoosh*
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( Oct. 3rd, 2010 09:43 pm)
another weekend of fun and noms~ ^_^ saturday after some lounging in bed i went to the farmers market with tree ^_^ it was a lovely day and we bought lots of tasty things <3 then we had delish pizza from arizmendi <3 after that it was into the city to meet up with liz and carrie for shoppins. i got a new vest and some cute fingerless gloves ^^ then we made fun of REALLY BAD dresses at loehmans ^^; then on to weird fish for dinner :d super noms!

today i had some more lounging in bed as i really needed it. omg soooo sleepy~. then liz made super tasty brunch noms of delishiousness (pics eventually) after that i drove to palo alto whilst singing in the car.. some times i really miss commuting to work so i can sing in the car ;p anyhoo i went there because today was the last day for the glass pumpkin patch which i really wanted to go to~ i bought two little blue ones ^_^ i do so love glass <3 it was so over priced though, as i knew it would be -_- then i came home and liz made peach cobbler *_* super noms. then i made liz clean her room ;p and then i cleaned mine ^_^

also i have my new camera! i'm still trying to figure it all out but so far its got some nice features ^^ it's a nikon coolpix in a pretty shade of blue~ ^^
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( Sep. 26th, 2010 10:03 pm)
weekend of NOMS! srsly everything i ate except for the bowl of cereal this morning was fucking fabulous. friday night i met liz and one of her co-workers after work. then liz and i wandered china town and ate at a supper yummy chinese place. we sat next to the live fish and lobsters >.o slightly horrifying for me ;p saturday we found a mediterranean brunch that was delish :d then we wandered the farmers market sampling things and i had froyo ^^ that night carrie came over and we went out for ethiopian *nomsnoms* then we all had froyo ^^; we really like froyo >.>

saturday night was spent trying to figure out what we would wear to the folsom street fair the next day. after that was settled carrie went home and it was bed time~ sunday saw a lot of last minute plan changes but liz and i finally made it out to folsom fully decked out in corsets, lots of makeup, and short skirts >3 we wandered a lot and ran into a few ycon peeps. it was good times though my feet are *killing* me. ah the price we pay for looking good ;p i also fell in love with a teal and black corset. i'm a little glad they didn't have it in my size because i really shouldn't buy it right now but it was SO PRETTY. and also easily accessible online >.o i may have to get it one of these days... >.>

after folsom we met up with carrie for super delicious peruvian food. while in transit there liz and i had some special times de-corsetting on the bus >3 we had taken some regular clothes with us so we could eat later ;p and eat we did, holy crap every single thing we ordered was amazing~ also just for the record- carmelized coconut flakes are AMAZING :d
now is time for sleepies cause i need them! (pics to come eventually btw >.>;;)
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( Sep. 20th, 2010 09:31 pm)
i'm back! from my hot springs weekend that is ^_^ tree and her friend angie picked me up around 9 on saturday morning, we hit a local farmers market for food, washed all the produce at tree's place and then hit the road. i did not drive, it was sooooooooooo nice! ^_^ even though i was crammed in the back seat with lots of our stuff ;p

we got there later than planned cause we are slow and there was traffic *wah~ wah~* ;p but we quickly checked in, unpacked, and got ready for our massages ^_^ tree paid for all of our massages as a birthday presents since we are all virgos ^^ i got a deep tissue which thankfully did not leave me feeling battered and bruised like the last time i got one. she did work out some *gigantic* knots though. (in my shoulders, who's shocked? ;p) then we all reconviend at our room and hung out. our "room" was actually a really cool thing called a dome tent. it's built on a platform and is like a tent but huge and nicer with an actual bed. me and tree shared the bed and angie slept on an air mattress. there was just enough room for us and our stuff and worked out well. also we got a discount since they had to drain all the main pools for maint at midnight last night (which was fine since we were done using them ;p)

sunday we woke up earlyish but certainly did not get moving earlish ;p we went to a free beginners yoga class at 10 which was awesome. i actually really like yoga but had to come to grips with some unfortunate things such as i am not nearly as flexible as i used to be and my left leg is in worse shape than i thought :( (left leg is the one injured when 12) also i'm just in crap shape in general as walking up the steep ass hill to where our tent was killed me every time. after yoga we hit the main side hot spring pools. btw all changing rooms/bathrooms are unisex and clothing is optional. wow the naked people ;p virtually no one wears a suit at the main pools. i was wearing mine at first but got annoyed that it would get cold and drip water every where when i changed pools etc, so i eventually took the top off and only wore the ickle bottoms ^^; i'm going native~ :p tree wore a suite though and angie was adorably naked ;p (she is twee and adorable) we eventually went back to the tent for lots of nummy foods. angie is a professional chef, and while we didn't cook we had amazing noms :d

then it was nap time cause we were too full of noms! and it was lovely and warm~ ^_^ after nap times we gathered our stuffs and this time drove over to the main side (yay no hill of doom) we did a hike that was just under 2 miles and then made a brief stop at some tents that sold stuff. all but one was closed but i bought two super cute dress / tunic things that i am most pleased about ^^ (look at me actually buy girly clothes ;p) then we hit the main hot springs again. i could not get in the hot pool though, it was 115 degrees and was WAY too hot for my tender self ;p we all rotated through various pools, the sauna, and the steam room. man was that steam room hot! i never went near the cold pool either, omg 60 degrees is TOO cold. we often stayed in the heart pool cause you can talk in that one but not in the other ones ^^; it was very enjoyable even though right at the end a kinda creepy guy started talking to tree and offered us free "birthday foot massages" :\ i don't think they really got the creepy vibe or were very good at ignoring it. but we were about to leave any way so at least there was that! everyone else there was super chill and awesome. there were (thankfully) no kids and everyone was super respectful and relaxed. this is why i could feel comfortable with the naked in general. i'm getting good at getting over my conservative background issues ;p
also about the springs, they use no clorine and the water has natural minerals and oxaginates the skin. it was soooo nice! i could get out and dry off with out having to moisturize every square inch of my body- that was *amazing*!

this morning was slowish and just packing up and saying good bye. we were on the road by 11ish as angie had a client meeting. i was home around two and took a nap ;p we froze our BUTTS off last night in the tent, no idea why it was so much colder than the night before, so i was le tired~ but now i'm home and relaxed, a bit sore, and sad that i have to go back to work tomorrow. but at least i go back having had a beautiful and relaxing weekend with good people ^_^ nighty night flist <3! (you deserve a cookie if you read all of that ;p)
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( Sep. 13th, 2010 09:52 pm)
ok this is me forcing myself to sit my butt down and make an update! :P

er where to start.. labor day weekend! parents arrived friday evening and i made them drive liz to the airport so they could meet her for two seconds before she was gone ^_~ then i took them to the super yummy indian place downtown for dinner :d saturday i took them over to our local farmers market which is pretty big. they were impressed and my mom kept saying how she wanted to live up here ^^ then we had lunch downtown and i showed them a few places there. after that we had a slight debaucle with the bikes but eventually got all the tires pumped up and took a nice bike ride around lake merritt ^_^ it is a very nice ride, no hills and lovely scenery~ after that we hung out at home, i showed them how adorable the wii fit is ;p and then we saw inception!!! OMG AWESOME! <3

sunday we went to the scottish games at the local fair ground. we had fun, but man was the planning and time schedule CRAP. i was trying super hard not be annoyed but it was hard. however it was still fun and i got to see men (and one woman, i caught the end of that) throwing logs.. people are weird ;p sunday night we ordered nummy pizza and watched a movie at home cause we were all tired ^^; monday they checked out and came over for breakfast and some hanging out, and bless my dad he spent an hour fixing our vacuum (OMG YEY!) and then around noon they took off. they are staying at lake tahoe for two weeks, lucky bastards ;p

starting last week i now work 10 - 7 on thursdays so i can help cover the main phones for one hour due to UTTER STUPIDITY at work. i will not rant on this as i can go on for hours. i will just say i am mighty DISPLEASED D: other than that i barely remember what i did last week ;p

this weekend liz and i went to the chocolate fest on saturday and got a bit sunburnt ;p then we met up with kiri downtown for shoppins and food. i spent WAY too much on hair accessories >.> and on clothes, but mostly hair stuff ^^;; sunday we bummed around the house and *finally* watched the final two eps of white collar ;_; damn cliff hangers D: and then we had food shopping adventures and froyo :d and i tried to catch up on anime >.o so much to go. also i keep falling asleep when trying to do things cause i'm getting old ;p

work has sucked like sucking things suck lately. i'll maybe post about it some time. i am super excited for this weekend cause i am going to a hot springs get away with tree and her friend. EXCITED! ^_^
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( Sep. 2nd, 2010 09:49 pm)
thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! it seems so long ago even though it was monday >.o

this week has been super uber stressful and today really topped the cake.. though i'm expecting tomorrow will be worse. this week, other than being insanely busy and constantly being given more work i also: got screamed at by one of my employees (who hopefully is getting written up for that), was told i'm not working hard enough, was told that i have to now adjust my hours one day a week to work 10 - 7 so i can cover the main phone line for 1 hour (total bullshit since i've never worked the phones and have no GOOD training) i start next week... D: and today one of my co-workers maliciously set out to get me in trouble and did a smashing job of it. i did in fact make a mistake and i guess it's good it finally came to light as i had burried it in my sub-contiousness, but i am in SHIT TONS of trouble and will probably at least get written up for it if not worse. on top of that he keeps poking at it to make it worse. he is such a fucking ass hole, always has been and always will be D:

but i'm super trying NOT to think about (very unsucessfully >.>) but trying to instead focus on the fact my parents are coming to visit this weekend :) i'm hoping to show them around and maybe hit up some local events ^_^
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( Aug. 29th, 2010 10:05 pm)
still alive~! and kinda sleepy ;p and now updatey things!

last weekend we used august birthday's as an excuse to have (in liz's words) a dress up drunken picnic. we did not in fact have the picnic portion as it was not as nice as we wanted outside. however the booze and dressing up did occure ^_^ steam punkish victorian to be exact ^^ there was lots of tasty noms and hanging out and we also played a few rounds of apples to apples which was as always, hilarious. (carrie always gets the depressing cards ;p)

that night hana and sean came up to stay here ^^ hana is moving to santa cruz and we went down there on sunday to look for a place for her. no luck on sunday but we got to visit with a few people and i finally got to go to the boardwalk there ^_^ sean's friend nick came down and hung out with us all afternoon/evening. it was good times ^^ pics some time in the future >.> (ps they did find a place on monday ^^)

this week we had a major 2 day heat snap o.o it was hooooooooooot. i melted ;_; but then it got better ^_^ friday we went to a bday party in japantown. it was good times~ and then we left cause both liz and i were tired and she was not feeling well (she is now plaguey the wonder roomy~) yesterday we lazed around the house as we both needed it then went downtown for the farmers market and food type things~ that night i saw scott pilgrim with pondy and j ^_^ very fun movie ^^ today was more lazing around cause still tired. then we went for pedicures and to get foods for dinner :d noms were had by all ^^

and now it is time for bed so hopefully i can be rested for the confrontation that needs to happen tomorrow at work. some really aggrivating shit went down on friday and i am not putting up with it any more D: very wound up and unhappy about the whole situation D: rowr. i need hugs ;_; *snuggles up with flist*
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( Aug. 15th, 2010 11:34 pm)
hey look it's me alive and stuff~ :p and speaking of me i have a new flickr account cause i wanted one i could show my family without involving my fandom name ^^;; pics from the last two weekends on there ^^

i have been quite busy of late! last weekend i went to our huge local farmers market with liz. we bought lots of noms :d my new fave is peaches ^_^ later that day carrie came over and we went to the oakland underground market which was awesome. called underground because it's home made stuff which you are not really technically allowed to sell since it's not made in a commercial kitchen (as i understand it) we had to sign a form saying we understood that ^^; we had super tasty noms and it was fun because one person would buy something and we all shared ^^ there's a pic on my flickr of liz feeding carrie a panini type thing ^^ on sunday we (liz and carrie) went to nordstroms rack and i found a cute dress shirt thing to wear with leggings... now i need better leggings and some sandals >.> then we had sushi and went to a japanese dollar store which was HUGE o.o lastly target where i spent too much monies >.> but at least now i have rechargeable batteries for my wii remotes and board which means i can use the wii now ^_^

yesterday kelda dragged liz and i out of bed and forced us to the farmers market where tasty samples were had by all :d and then i went to japantown to meet up with tree ^^ there was a small street fair going on which we didn't know about and i got cute hair things for cheap <3! tree took me to bushi - tei which is AMAZING japanese french fusion deliciousness. then we saw tales of earthsea at the theater. she did not tell me ahead of time it was in english >.o then i came home to super tasty noms that carrie forced liz to make and we made fun of a b movie ;p

today we lounged a lot and i did more cleaning and hung art. no more piles of junk on my floor!!!!!!!! i'm so close to having everything where i want it ^_^ once that happens and a few items i no longer want are removed i promise i'll take pics of the new place <3 then carrie came over and we went grocery shopping and had super tasty eithiopian food of NOMS. and then froyo :d and i did wii fit for 35 minutes, woot! sadly i'm too awake now for sleepies.. need to do the exercises earlier in the evening ^^; but imma try for sleep anyway, nighty night flist <3!


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