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( Dec. 28th, 2009 09:44 pm)
happy winter festivities to you all~ ^_^ i had a lovely christmas with my lovely roomy <3 we saw the movie it's complicated which was HILARIOUS. omfg we laughed so hard and had many a significant look at each other over certain scenes ;p the skrit made us yummy foods and we opened presents! she got me some very fun stuff including a little flower pressing kit and a beautiful book about butterflies ^_^ i also got a cd from aunty xs <3 and a pencil board and bag from haaramis ^_^ also thank you to the many people that sent me cards ^_^

saturday we saw sherlock holmes <3<3<3 mmmm gimme more of that yumminess!! and srsly would like to see some slash and various parings from that film. mmm yea~ the rest of the weekend was fairly low key and relaxing ^_^ sadly we had to go back to work today ;_; but my boss is still on vacation so it's quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiet >3
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( Dec. 20th, 2009 10:20 pm)
weekend went too fast! ;_; but! i did get to go to the charles dickens christmas fair ^_^ i really really want a huge wardrobe filled with costumes ;___; why must they be so damn expensive? i thought about buying a hat or something but most of them were well over $50 >.o i bought a cute lil hair thingy instead ;p since it was so dark inside most of the pics don't look very good, if i find any that are decent i'll post them~ after that i wandered to japantown since i was in the city and then eventually home.

today i've been trying to rest up in between getting things like laundry and cleaning done *is boring* :p ooh ooh but those of you who know my awful eating habits will be happy to hear, i made dinner for myself 4 times this week! aren't you so proud?? ;p and i used up ingredients before then went bad ^^; yay me~

also skrit and pondy got me curious about a tv show called white collar, so i watched all 7 eps of that. ooooh me likey! and OMFG cliffhanger~! bring on january and moar!!! ^^; other than that i've been rewatching things as i don't know what to do with myself with tokoytosho down ;______________; *big giant emo tears*
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( Dec. 9th, 2009 11:36 pm)
yes i'm alive! though slightly frozen D: we've had quite a cold snap lately and it is ongoing. a few miles inland got SNOW on monday o.O SNOW. insanity i tell you~

so new things~ on saturday i went to this little one day anime show thing. i took the bart all the way to the end of the fremont line, which is a long ride but meant i did not have to drive and could read for the whole trip ^_^ the anime thing was indeed quite small and i only stayed about an hour, but it was cute and i believe for a charity thing. i did buy a super cute shirt which i should take a picture of ^^

sunday i hung out with liz (twitchy) and stacey <3 we found out the wrong time to go to panera on a sunday ;p and then went to ikea! and best buy! things were bought ^^; ikea is sooooo evil ;p but we have a new trash can and i got tea strainers for me and skrit so we can has loose leaf tea ^^ then we went back to their place and watched the newest star trek movie! and liz quoted the entire thing cause she's seen it too many times ;p and they made me foods! and it rained! and then i had to go home and go sleepies D:

this week so far has mostly been running errands i did not do this weekend ;p and sleeps for i am TEH TIRED D: nighty night flist~! <3
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( Nov. 29th, 2009 09:35 pm)
happy to be home! not for the holidays but to MY home ^_^ the drive back was long and boring as always and a bit crowded but thankfully no traffic. very happy to be away from the insane clutter and dirtiness of my parents house D: it's so awful.

puter update- i wiped it and reinstalled xp. it's so much faster now! course it doesn't have all that junk blocking it up any more either ;p have decided to screw IE and am switching to firefox. IE 8 just seemed like a virus pool waiting to happen D: very proud because i did everything myself ^^; i'm not the most puter savvy person ever >.>;;
and the other drama involving puter >.> see it's been getting overheated a lot lately and i wasn't sure why. so my dad said he'd look at the fan, which i assumed was an easy thing to do.... i come back into the room 5 minutes later and he has cracked open the entire bottom of the thing!!!! o.o cue us spending over an hour trying to get retarded little tiny paper wire thingys back where they go. if i had known he was going to do that i would have said no! the good news is the fan area is now clean so no more overheating, the bad news is neither of the buttons under the touch pad work any more >.o;;;

um other things... not even an hour into my drive going down to socal a rock came flying off the freeway and hit my windshield >.< it def scratched it but no crack thank god. in other car news my dad looked at my breaks, cleaned them off, and declared them good for several thousand more miles. woot. i drove almost a thousand miles this last week o.o; (i don't even average 10 thousand a year >.>;;)

um also i went to universal studios with my mom on wednesday! that was fun, and when you buy one day you get all of 2010 free o.o; with blackout dates of course, but still! will have to try and go back ^^ thanksgiving was meh, food was ok, got to see all of hana's family <3 and that's about it ^^ i have to go back to work tomorrow ;_; *clings to flist*
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( Nov. 24th, 2009 12:07 am)
so er i don't think i ever mentioned it, but i took this week off of work ^_^ hey only 3 days because of the holiday~ and on saturday i drove down to socal because i'm spending the week with my family (sorta >.>;) i took the long way which was indeed veeeeeeeeery long >.o but it was pretty and now i can say i did it and never do it again >.>;

today i got to see my hana!! i do miss her quite a bit since i moved ;_; (she's my cousin for those of you new to my lj) we spent all day chatting and gossiping and shopping and eating <3 it was awesome ^_~ and i got to see derek too which was nice, haven't seen him in a looooooongs time.

to those of you who got comments from me on sort of old posts today, sorry about that! i was further behind than i thought o.O; also my laptop is acting up a lot so i have not been able to do my usual stuff D:

so tomorrow i'm going in for a facial~! so excited!! my skin really really needs it D: other than that i'm not sure, but cleaning is def in there somewhere. need to go through things i left here when i moved >.>; nighty night flist! *smooshes all*
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( Nov. 12th, 2009 07:38 pm)
so now that the con post is out of the way on to the other things~! first off i know what i'm buying myself for christmas~ tickets to OVO! because a cirque show is finally coming to sf! i'm sooo happy ^___^ i was just telling misty at con how much i've always wanted to see one live. and i found a website that does discount tickets too >3 so much win <3 once i get paid tomorrow ticket is MINE >3

and lets see... last week raletha was here until thursday morning and she made us awesome foods of much noming <3! thursday night i collapsed in much needed sleeps all night. i don't remember friday >.> saturday the only thing that got my ass out of bed was lunch at panera with liz~ and then i got home at 1 am o.O her and her roomy stole the rest of my day with fun and hangins out ^^ sunday i'm pretty sure i slept all day >.>

this week has been laundry and other things of necessity an tonight i was going to go to the moma but i was too tired ;_; i'm going to have to go next thursday (only night they're open late) so i can see the exhibit i want to see before it leaves D: this comming saturday i'm headed to sfo to hang with gnome between flights <3 and next weekend i leave for socal for a week. this month is so busy! ^_^
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( Nov. 10th, 2009 08:38 pm)
omg con is such a blur of squee and running around ^_^ but lets see...

cut for omg long )

*whew* so i think that's everything... pics later cause i'm still tired. got worn down last week and a little sickish. nothing major but very tiring *naps on flist*
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( Oct. 28th, 2009 02:16 pm)
fangirls are love ^____^ i arrived sunday late morning and glomped a squeeeely gnome with super short hair! ^_~ we hung out for a bit then went to panera to eat NOM NOM NOM ^_^ later that afternoon we went to pick up a rather sleepy zalia from the amtrack station. we also picked up some yummy hard lemonaids and snacks ^^ there was much snuggling and squeeing that day.

monday we had a nice late morning, finally got a fridge in the room, and then set out for the monteray aquarium <333333333333 twas a nice drive since there was no work traffic. we went through half of it, had a lovely lunch overlooking the bay and then went back for the rest of the aquarium. i could go a million times, i just love it there so much. i'm pretty sure gnome has an embarassing pic of me staring happily at one of the sea horses :p driving back was also nice and traffic free ^^ and we had a nice evening of relaxing in the hot tub for a bit and just lounging around.

today we had a slow morning, took gnome to the post office to send some stuff off and then it was time to pick up kalli and dustin!! yays ^__^ got them from SFO and went strait to panera for a take away lunch back at the hotel NOMS. we sat around a bit then headed off for japantown <3 of course they cleaned out the bookstore ^_~ and we randomly ran into the always lovely twitchylizard strolling along with a friend. then we went to the super yummy japanese bbq place that i love for dinner <333333 now it's back to the room, 3 roomys are off to the hot tub while dustin and i chill. and terry just arrived with browines so i'm off!!! ^_^
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( Sep. 29th, 2009 07:01 pm)
oh hai thar! i have survived the weekend of non-con. non-yaoi con that is ^_^ haraamis and windsor came to visit us this weekend and it was *awesome* (actually haraamis is still here, leaves tomorrow~)

i managed to take off early on friday and came home to find a room full of fun already. shortly there after the lovely windsor showed up on our door step and i whisked everyone away to delicious foods at chevy's <3 after that we had a nice walk along the water ^_^ then it was off to trader joe's to get more delicious foods and a brief stop at bevmo for the booze >3

saturday we went to the embarcadero/ferry building in sf. there we got delicious OILS OF YUMMINESS and had lovely tea time ^^ after that we walked to pier 39 to look around and see the sea lions <3 (and fudge >3) then we hopped on a bus to japantown where we had YUMMY japanese bbq <33333333333333333 and of course then had shoppins and hittin up the grocery store :d that night we watched episodes of it's always sunny <3

sunday we started early and went to muir woods ^_^ windsor and i took it easy and didn't walk much, but skrit and mari went on a major hike through the woods ^^ then it was home for MORE YUMMY FOOD and booze and watchin stuffs ^_^

everyone was still here monday but i had to go to work ;_; SO TIRED. windsor left yesterday afternoon *clings to her* the rest of us (after i got home from work) went to cold stone ice cream and saw the movie the informant ^^ and today i don't know where the other two are but i need to clean and catch up on things! >.o
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( Sep. 20th, 2009 09:12 pm)
i cutted my hairs~! its not what i was going for.. do hair stylists ever listen?? but i like it so far ^_^ i look at a hair cut like an adventure. i never get the same one twice ^^;

zomg this week was so busy i don't even remember everything that happened >.o but on wednesday i went to my first meeting of a foreign film group i found on facebook ^^ they hadn't been active until two weeks ago but i've not been able to go to anything due to time and distance issues. but on wednesday we met at a pizza place and then went to a showing of the sisters of bellview that was presented by the sf bycicle coalition (sp? >.>;;) it was interesting, the projected it on the side of a building so we all sat in the parking lot. *OW my ass* but the people i met from the group were fun and nice and i hope to attend another meeting soon ^^

thursday was when i got my hair cut and then watched some awesome tv with skirt <3 saturday we had adventures while waiting for rescue hamus to show up and now skrit has two adorable and beautiful new hamus to love and molest <3 they are super tiny and adorable. i'm a very proud aunty ^_~

sadly after a small nap on saturday i had a raging headache and spent the rest of the day attempting to nap and avoid thinking about how much my head hurt D: much better today but sleepies z.z also how was there a coldplay cd that i did not own??? wtf self? problem has been rectified and my current song obsesion is viva la vida ^^
(also anyone need dreamwidth codes? i have like 3 i think)
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( Aug. 16th, 2009 08:59 pm)
yesterday i drove down to monterey to go whale watching~! it was a nice day and the trip was about 3 and half hours. at first we didn't see much, though we did see risso's dolphins that i've never seen before <3 we saw two hump back whales but they only came up to breathe a few times and then went away. i was glad we saw that but was hoping to see more. then on the way back the captain spotted some whales and even though they could have said oh well and took us back we detoured to go see them (the tour guide lady was so excited!) it turned out there was a blue whale which haven't been seen too much lately! it was estimated at 70 feet long o.o then as we tried to near it we found some more energetic hump backs that decided to come near us! <3 we even got to see a tail! (pic below) and as we were docking we got to see a sea otter eating its dinner <3 though i had sunscreen, shades, a hat, and even pulled my hood up at some points, my cheeks are a bit red and my eyes feel sunburnt as well. horray for light reflection off the water. (srsly i don't know how people who don't wear sunglasses do it)

after that i walked back to the monterey aquarium since they have late hours now and it was so nice and empty compaired to when i'm usually there! i got some good pics of jelly fish <3! and some of the sea horses <3!! i need a new camera that has better zoom though~

today i've mostly slept and rested while surfing or watching anime. i was out around 13 hours yesterday and drove a total of 4 hours so i was quite beat when i got home!
unfortunatly it hasn't been as restful as it could. i feel very wound up about work (not necessarily for any reason) and (updated) we just *narrowly* avoided going through a very bad public transporation strike that would have *crippled* the bay area. if they really have resolved it this is a HUGE weight off my shoulders! *keeps fingers crossed*

pictures! )


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