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( Apr. 4th, 2010 09:21 pm)
ya know i keep *trying* to post once a week >.o but i have been super busy and have also been trying to spend less time on the puter which er yea.. ;p

so! last weekend was the awesome sf garden show. omg i had SUCH a good time! i was there pretty much from open to close on saturday and i had super awesome time (also randomly it was 3 blocks away from last years ycon hotel ;p) i attended several of their seminars and got to see all kinds of neat stuffs <3 and i got *plants*! *happy plant nerd dance~* ^^ i will post about those later with pics so i can dork more ;p

in less fun news tuesday i had to leave work with a migrane and i was not happy about that, it was awful D: but in better news wed was my next apt with my therapist :) i <3 her and we are making good progress. also i can't remember if i said it before but i became a member of the berkeley camera club and we meet every tues which i had to miss this week due to stupid migrane D: heh the bad part about me coming to grips with depression and how it affects me is all my hobbies are coming back to me... but i have so many that there are literally not enough hours in the day! when will i win the lotto so i don't have to work? :p

moving on~ this weekend was wondercon and zomg fuuuun~! i took skrit yesterday and we went to several awesome panels (including a fan panel for galaxy quest!) and saw the masquerade which was quite good ^_^ also got to hang out with liz for a bit ^^ today i went back for the tv show 'chuck' panel (adam baldwin was there SQUEE!!!) and to do some dealers room shoppins~ also sat with pondy and j through the human target panel. (ps also saw nick cage and jake gyllenhaal at other panels) i bought an awesome hat and an ai-kun plush (from macross frontier) SO CUTE! pics to come later~ and lets see.. it rained most of today and we got home at midnight last night so i am LE TIRED ;p

happy bday gnome and anyone else i've missed!! <3 and happy what ever you celebrate today spring thing~ :p *hugs to flist* <3


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