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( Mar. 16th, 2010 10:35 pm)
in other news of things going on~ i made a *successful* meal on saturday night. (as opposed to the cilantro pesto disaster) i got some personal sized foccacia pizza shells, pesto, marinated artichoke hears, and tofu to make pizzas for me and skrit ^^ they turned out really super yummy! (i did get a little help from cooking teacher!skrit though ^_~)

i'm also finally starting to make some headway in the neko vs crap in her room war ;p bought some pic sleeves so i could finally put up the pics i bought at AOD in january. also sold some books i had laying around and did not want any more, which almost paid for the book i bought at the same store ^^; they don't buy back for much but it's ok as i just wanted them gone. finished the song of ice and fire books... next one NOW please mr martin! started the er *looks* sword of truth books by terry goodkind. tim gave me those quite a while ago, fairly interesting so far ^^

now on to the therapy stuff which i want to talk about before i forget. two weeks ago i went to a free class "depression overview" which was really good for me. i had some very wrong impressions on depression in general due to lame media i am surrounded by D: it really helped me see the ways in which i was being affected and didn't know it. i can see now where it got bad and really started affecting my life, 10 or so years ago. i feel a little mad that i was robbed of so much time and never understood why, but i'm trying not to focus on that but on the fact that i can change it and im damn well going to *determined fist* i've also signed up for a 6 week class that goes much more in depth about depression but that doesn't start til late april.

last week i had my second appt with my therapist. that went pretty well and i feel possitive about the things we are reviewing and talking about. i also feel very upset because in talking to her i realized i have erased most of my childhood up through high school from my mind. she asks me so many questions that i just don't have answers to because other than the fact i can remember something happened, i have no details or impressions of anything at that time. it's like reading a history book xx happened on this date in time with no details. i know part of the problem is i programmed my self to just not think about things because that made it easier to cope with situations, but now i really regret that and am afraid it's going to be very difficult to change the habit. but i'm still hopeful in general because i have decided to make a change and so i am going to. i put my foot down and i'm sticking to it ;p

hah i suddenly have a lot to say don't i? sorry for the long posts <3!


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