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( Dec. 1st, 2010 09:26 pm)
oh hello thar, i do still exist >.>; spent thanksgiving weekend in so cal with family... i am thankful.. that i don't live in so cal any more! ^^; not just my parents house but the area in general. as soon as i got there this time i felt all my old bad triggers coming back and felt tired and anxious and lethargic. also i wanted to eat nothing but junk (which is really all that's available) and it dried the fuck out my skin >.o buh i DO NOT miss that!

emo family ramblings )

i may not go back down there again any time soon. it's so toxic for me and does me no good and uses up money i sure as hell could put to better use. to sum up my 4 day trip, we watched about 14+ hours of deadliest catch marathons for lack of anything better to do.... -_- though on the upside i also spent a fuck lot of time reading porn for my new fandom (adam lambert that is~) *glares at dustin and blue* ;p i like pretty bois in pretty makeup making out with each other~ and he has a good voice to boot ^_^ *watches gifs and vids over and over~* *_*_*_*


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