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( Sep. 26th, 2010 10:03 pm)
weekend of NOMS! srsly everything i ate except for the bowl of cereal this morning was fucking fabulous. friday night i met liz and one of her co-workers after work. then liz and i wandered china town and ate at a supper yummy chinese place. we sat next to the live fish and lobsters >.o slightly horrifying for me ;p saturday we found a mediterranean brunch that was delish :d then we wandered the farmers market sampling things and i had froyo ^^ that night carrie came over and we went out for ethiopian *nomsnoms* then we all had froyo ^^; we really like froyo >.>

saturday night was spent trying to figure out what we would wear to the folsom street fair the next day. after that was settled carrie went home and it was bed time~ sunday saw a lot of last minute plan changes but liz and i finally made it out to folsom fully decked out in corsets, lots of makeup, and short skirts >3 we wandered a lot and ran into a few ycon peeps. it was good times though my feet are *killing* me. ah the price we pay for looking good ;p i also fell in love with a teal and black corset. i'm a little glad they didn't have it in my size because i really shouldn't buy it right now but it was SO PRETTY. and also easily accessible online >.o i may have to get it one of these days... >.>

after folsom we met up with carrie for super delicious peruvian food. while in transit there liz and i had some special times de-corsetting on the bus >3 we had taken some regular clothes with us so we could eat later ;p and eat we did, holy crap every single thing we ordered was amazing~ also just for the record- carmelized coconut flakes are AMAZING :d
now is time for sleepies cause i need them! (pics to come eventually btw >.>;;)


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