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( Sep. 20th, 2009 09:12 pm)
i cutted my hairs~! its not what i was going for.. do hair stylists ever listen?? but i like it so far ^_^ i look at a hair cut like an adventure. i never get the same one twice ^^;

zomg this week was so busy i don't even remember everything that happened >.o but on wednesday i went to my first meeting of a foreign film group i found on facebook ^^ they hadn't been active until two weeks ago but i've not been able to go to anything due to time and distance issues. but on wednesday we met at a pizza place and then went to a showing of the sisters of bellview that was presented by the sf bycicle coalition (sp? >.>;;) it was interesting, the projected it on the side of a building so we all sat in the parking lot. *OW my ass* but the people i met from the group were fun and nice and i hope to attend another meeting soon ^^

thursday was when i got my hair cut and then watched some awesome tv with skirt <3 saturday we had adventures while waiting for rescue hamus to show up and now skrit has two adorable and beautiful new hamus to love and molest <3 they are super tiny and adorable. i'm a very proud aunty ^_~

sadly after a small nap on saturday i had a raging headache and spent the rest of the day attempting to nap and avoid thinking about how much my head hurt D: much better today but sleepies z.z also how was there a coldplay cd that i did not own??? wtf self? problem has been rectified and my current song obsesion is viva la vida ^^
(also anyone need dreamwidth codes? i have like 3 i think)


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