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( Jan. 11th, 2010 09:18 pm)
hey look at me with the posting two days in a row~ wooo~! ;p actually i just had to post cause i'm SOO EXCITED!! i finally get to see OVO tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! i bought the ticket so long ago and i've been waiting and waiting for this day to arrive! i *finally* get to see a cirque show in person! \o/ *squeees*

i'm also excited cause i just applied for a job that seems perfect. offer is in my price range and it's two blocks from where i work now o.o; i'm trying not to be too excited about it, i don't know if i'll even hear back from them. but i do know that i have very good qualifications for this one and i often don't feel that way, so yay~ ;p

please let this good mood continue! with all the giant amounts of crap going on at work right now i really need it! ^^;;;


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