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( Aug. 15th, 2010 11:34 pm)
hey look it's me alive and stuff~ :p and speaking of me i have a new flickr account cause i wanted one i could show my family without involving my fandom name ^^;; pics from the last two weekends on there ^^

i have been quite busy of late! last weekend i went to our huge local farmers market with liz. we bought lots of noms :d my new fave is peaches ^_^ later that day carrie came over and we went to the oakland underground market which was awesome. called underground because it's home made stuff which you are not really technically allowed to sell since it's not made in a commercial kitchen (as i understand it) we had to sign a form saying we understood that ^^; we had super tasty noms and it was fun because one person would buy something and we all shared ^^ there's a pic on my flickr of liz feeding carrie a panini type thing ^^ on sunday we (liz and carrie) went to nordstroms rack and i found a cute dress shirt thing to wear with leggings... now i need better leggings and some sandals >.> then we had sushi and went to a japanese dollar store which was HUGE o.o lastly target where i spent too much monies >.> but at least now i have rechargeable batteries for my wii remotes and board which means i can use the wii now ^_^

yesterday kelda dragged liz and i out of bed and forced us to the farmers market where tasty samples were had by all :d and then i went to japantown to meet up with tree ^^ there was a small street fair going on which we didn't know about and i got cute hair things for cheap <3! tree took me to bushi - tei which is AMAZING japanese french fusion deliciousness. then we saw tales of earthsea at the theater. she did not tell me ahead of time it was in english >.o then i came home to super tasty noms that carrie forced liz to make and we made fun of a b movie ;p

today we lounged a lot and i did more cleaning and hung art. no more piles of junk on my floor!!!!!!!! i'm so close to having everything where i want it ^_^ once that happens and a few items i no longer want are removed i promise i'll take pics of the new place <3 then carrie came over and we went grocery shopping and had super tasty eithiopian food of NOMS. and then froyo :d and i did wii fit for 35 minutes, woot! sadly i'm too awake now for sleepies.. need to do the exercises earlier in the evening ^^; but imma try for sleep anyway, nighty night flist <3!


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