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( Jun. 26th, 2011 05:07 pm)
happy pride weekend y'all! also GO NY!! <3

yesterday we ran errands and then devin drove liz and i into the city to drop us off <3 we met up with stacy, cat, charlie, and friend who's name i don't recall. they were already picnicing in dolores park but we brought more noms and an actual blanket to sit on :) we had noms of cheese, bread, humus, crackers and other random bits. sadly no booze *waa waa~* it was nice and sunny so liz took off her pants... no one is shocked (and i have pictures!) as it was pride weekend and we were in the middle of the castro there was lots of special special outfits and random nudity. and then carrie came to join us! :)

after a bit the wind picked up and it was not as warm anymore *sad face* sydney, devin, and patrick showed up and we lost everyone else to warmer areas with booze. the rest of us stuck it out and hung out in the park waiting on more people to show up while the dyke march was going on next to the park. andi joined us and then kelly also joined us with some of his friends and booze! much rejoicing was had. after a while we packed it up and dropped stuff off at devins car so we could head over to the pink party.

then dancing and sheninigans were had yaaaaay~ after a while we were dying of thirst and a bit hungry but that didn't work out and then it was time to go as we had to bart back and it stops running around midnight :(

today liz and i are both laying around getting our relaxing on and posting pics to facebook etc. so now... PICS! (you know like i'm always saying i'm going to post >.>;;)
carrie at our glass blowing class
me at glass blowing class ^^
sydney, patrick, and liz from last weekends bar hopping
morning after drunken bar hopping (eating cake on the floor <3
charlie, cat, stacey, (unknown friend), and liz with no pants! ;p
sheninigans group - kelly, liz, devin, sydney, patrick, me :)
dancing in the castro at the pink party :)
me and patrick on the bart ride home after pride (feathers everywhere!)
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( Jun. 21st, 2011 09:12 pm)
hey so i still exist! ;p i know y'all are sooooo happy ^_~ and for more fun here's another pic of me in my corset from fanime. yay someone actually had a pic of me in my whole outfit ^^ (liz is going to kill me for posting that but oh well~ >3) at some point i need to get around to finding the few other pics i have >.>;

so things wot i've been up to~ two saturdays ago carrie and i went to a glass blowing class ^_^ i suck at it! but it was fun and i'm glad we went. it's kinda hard cause you really have to use your arm and wrist a lot and i am a wuss with heat ^^;; also the guy teaching it was kinda a hippy and not the best teacher. but again, still fun and glad we went ^^

this last saturday a huge group of us went bar hopping in the castro for one of the trio's bday. i was the designated and hugely enjoyed watching drunken shenanigans >3 and several of them were, really drunk that is ^^; also i have decided if i have to go dancing i much prefer the super packed dance floors where all you can do is kind of wiggle. this way i can hide my TOTAL LACK OF RHYTHM ;p and when they are packed with gay men you don't have to worry about getting groped ^^;

also fun was herding drunken peeps back to the car and then getting lost on the way to the highway with only drunken peeps to give directions ^^;; but we made it home! and a few others came with as well. so then we had random nudity and eating of cold pizza and toast. the trio slept over at our place and we went to bed around 4:30 ish >.o tired neko was tired the next day. so we did nothing! it was awesome :)

this weekend is pride and noming at the park while watching one of the parades ^_^
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( May. 30th, 2011 11:18 pm)
woo so fanime weekend is over x.Z wow what a weekend! my feet are KILLING ME >.o i'm also really tired and this post may not make sense ;p
long post is long(ish) )

but everything is unpacked and put away and while i REALLY don't want to go to work tomorrow i can't call in sick (boooo) and at least it's only a 4 day week right? ;p
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( May. 16th, 2011 09:00 pm)
fun weekend was fun ^_^ friday i went to see the movie hanna with carrie. was really interesting and i rather liked the music. saturday hung out with liz and devon and ran errands etc. we made him watch new trek cause he hadn't seen it. the poor boy was subject to all our random sayings and words and quirky weirdness ;p i swear liz and i have our own language ^^; saturday night liz and i went with charrise to see hugh jackman perform a one man show. it was AWESOME! we had so much fun and he was sooooo fabulous~ such a great singer, i really wish i could have seen him in oaklahoma

sunday was more bumming around the house and errands and a lovely walk around the lake in the late afternoon ^_^ and liz made her super yummy cuban black beans and rice for dinner. OM NOM NOM NOM!!! :d also we watched kiss kiss bang bang which i had never seen. so random, so horribly awesome. poor rdj always getting beat up ^^;

hmm i feel like i had other things to say but now i've forgotten (whats new~?) sleepy neko is sleepy and full of spicy tuna sushi :dddd
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( Mar. 28th, 2011 10:31 pm)
so i had a 3 day weekend this weekend, but i need a vacation from my vacations! :p friday i took the day off and picked up tree - we went to the sf flower and garden show ^_^ the gardens weren't as impressive this year but they were lovely and green~ we sat at a few seminars and saw some short films that are in progress as part of the symphony of soil documentary ^^ i was good and only bought one plant that i may not actually kill >.> (as opposed to the herbs i planted this week 2 of which are already dead >.>;;;)

saturday liz and i gathered aaaaaaall of our stuff and went to the steam punk convention. i was excited cause we put together two new outfits for me and i had wanted to go to this convention last year but missed it. it was a bit random since we didn't know anyone there. but we had tons of fun dressing up and walking around. eventually carrie joined us too and we wandered some more. we never did end up going to any panels. i don't really have any pics on my camera as it is made of SUCK but a few are posted already. my outfit from day one. i wore skinny jeans for the first time! \o/

sunday was more wandering (pre outfits even!) then ages of getting ready and packing up our stuff... we had an awful lot ;p and on this day i wore a skirt and heels! try not to faint from shock ;p pic of second day outfit. i'm quite proud of that ^_^ though sadly in the pic you cant see the black thing coming from behind my ear and over my shoulder is this awesome thing of feathers that i loooooove <3 carrie came down on sunday too and we all wandered around and around and then went for foooood *_* was sooo hungry! we made it home around 6 or so x.x so tired~ sleeping in hotels kinda sucks, stupid loud sheets! but we had fun and i got two pins ^_^

next weekend is wondercon which thankfully does not require travel other than going into town on bart ^_~
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( Jan. 23rd, 2011 09:05 pm)
i have new music! and i am caught up (mostly) with my pics!! OMG YO that's like accomplishment or some shit~! :p new pics are here they do not include ycon pics as that is the family friendly account ;p though speaking of ycon here's a pic someone else took of me :p the amount of happy experienced in that pic is not definable by words other than ajflkdsjfskldjfdskl TALL NOM NOM :d why yes those are the two tallest bishi at the whole con >3

so what have i been up to? *tries to remember* :p last friday after work i met up with carrie, liz, and several of her peeps for drinks at a bar. which started out with wandering as the bar opened later than they should on a friday. but then we got in and someone had an awesome coupon so we got lots of noms and drinks for hella cheap ^_^ and silliness was had by all. the next (groggy) day i went into sf to meet up with tree at a french soul food place of tasty noms. the wait is always at least an hour to get a table, that's how you know~ it's good. i had sweet potato pancakes with pecan syrup *_* omfg NOMS. then we went to the asian museum for the last day of the japanese screen exhibit. pretty awesome. then wandered down to the mission for shoppins at all the random fun places. and we found a liz who was taking around helena and bf (both in town visiting) we walked around and then had dinner and liz bought awesome stuff (girl is a shopaholic right now ;p)

and this week pondy and j came over for dinner on tuesday and we were supposed to watch white collar but it wouldn't dl fast enough. so the next night we went over to their place and they made us food and we watched it then ^_^ omg i'm soooo glad white collar is back! <3

friday tree and i went to a talk by joel salatin who owns polyface farms and is a famous sustainable farmer. it was pretty awesome and we got to see angie for a brief bit (she helped set up the whole talk) aaaand yesterday liz and i went into sf to meet up with carrie, liz's coworker jen and friend for brunch :d coconut pancakes with ginger syrup *_*_*_* then liz, carrie, and i went to shop at the vendors for the edwardian ball. mmm steampunk etc all around~ we all ended up getting hair pieces :) i looove mine but there was another one i REALLY wanted too. it was too expensive but soo pretty~ then they drug me all around town because they wanted bubble tea D: but then they fed me sushi :) today i haven't done much and that was nice ^_^
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( Oct. 6th, 2010 10:38 pm)
pics! yes finally! ^_^ here is the flickr link for all and i will also highlight a few below ^^

first off is me and liz from house of noms dress up drunken party ^^ (there was not that much drinking :p) and then there was me finally making it to the santa cruz boardwalk on a lovely day~ and the white pelicans that live near the lake. they are almost always all together ^^ and the epic caber toss that reveals what he wore under his kilt ;p

a pic of my papa cause that's one of the best ever taken ^^ from brunch a beautiful cup of tea that was also tasty ^^ and the glass pumpkin patch which was quite large. a blue one i wanted to take home. i have not yet taken pics of the ones i bought though >.> ehehe doh?

so far the new camera seems to be working well so i hope i will have more pics in the near future ^_^ that's three things off my to do list tonight: laundry, book thanksgiving flight, and upload pics ^_^ nighty night all *smoosh*
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( Jan. 10th, 2010 09:38 pm)
hellllllllllllllllllllloooooooo flist! :p i'm feeling good(ish) right now as i feel like i got a few things accomplished and! went to a small anime convention yesterday with skrit ^_^ we saw the guy who played prince humperdink in the princess bride, that was pretty cool! and we went to a panel that had the voice actors (english of course) for roy mustang (travis) and lust (laura). they were SO super cute and funny!! we got teh awesome up front center seats <3 and then got in line for autographs after ^^ they were so fun and laid back and cute and silly ^^

and and! i got a cute kitty eared beanie and some steam punk goggles! woot! pics! )

ps- forgot to mention we found an AWESOME churro place near the convention hotel. we had fresh DELICIOUS churros :d
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( Nov. 18th, 2009 10:33 pm)
so i gotted my hairs cut again ^^ well a trim really~ but i let her dry it strait this time so i thought i'd show you all mah strait hairs~ ^^ it's cute and all but i still prefer it curly~ :p

in other news i'm so very tired, drn pms ;_; also i drive home on saturday for a week with the family~ i gets to see my hanas and my niece and nephew <3
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( Aug. 16th, 2009 08:59 pm)
yesterday i drove down to monterey to go whale watching~! it was a nice day and the trip was about 3 and half hours. at first we didn't see much, though we did see risso's dolphins that i've never seen before <3 we saw two hump back whales but they only came up to breathe a few times and then went away. i was glad we saw that but was hoping to see more. then on the way back the captain spotted some whales and even though they could have said oh well and took us back we detoured to go see them (the tour guide lady was so excited!) it turned out there was a blue whale which haven't been seen too much lately! it was estimated at 70 feet long o.o then as we tried to near it we found some more energetic hump backs that decided to come near us! <3 we even got to see a tail! (pic below) and as we were docking we got to see a sea otter eating its dinner <3 though i had sunscreen, shades, a hat, and even pulled my hood up at some points, my cheeks are a bit red and my eyes feel sunburnt as well. horray for light reflection off the water. (srsly i don't know how people who don't wear sunglasses do it)

after that i walked back to the monterey aquarium since they have late hours now and it was so nice and empty compaired to when i'm usually there! i got some good pics of jelly fish <3! and some of the sea horses <3!! i need a new camera that has better zoom though~

today i've mostly slept and rested while surfing or watching anime. i was out around 13 hours yesterday and drove a total of 4 hours so i was quite beat when i got home!
unfortunatly it hasn't been as restful as it could. i feel very wound up about work (not necessarily for any reason) and (updated) we just *narrowly* avoided going through a very bad public transporation strike that would have *crippled* the bay area. if they really have resolved it this is a HUGE weight off my shoulders! *keeps fingers crossed*

pictures! )


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