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( Sep. 2nd, 2010 09:49 pm)
thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! it seems so long ago even though it was monday >.o

this week has been super uber stressful and today really topped the cake.. though i'm expecting tomorrow will be worse. this week, other than being insanely busy and constantly being given more work i also: got screamed at by one of my employees (who hopefully is getting written up for that), was told i'm not working hard enough, was told that i have to now adjust my hours one day a week to work 10 - 7 so i can cover the main phone line for 1 hour (total bullshit since i've never worked the phones and have no GOOD training) i start next week... D: and today one of my co-workers maliciously set out to get me in trouble and did a smashing job of it. i did in fact make a mistake and i guess it's good it finally came to light as i had burried it in my sub-contiousness, but i am in SHIT TONS of trouble and will probably at least get written up for it if not worse. on top of that he keeps poking at it to make it worse. he is such a fucking ass hole, always has been and always will be D:

but i'm super trying NOT to think about (very unsucessfully >.>) but trying to instead focus on the fact my parents are coming to visit this weekend :) i'm hoping to show them around and maybe hit up some local events ^_^


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