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( Jul. 5th, 2010 09:49 pm)
went to the fair with skrit on saturday. yay fair~! we had a great time, ate lots of junk food and watched horse races ^_^ and a new tradition was born; like the cuteness of pig races but want something more bad ass like bull riding? bring on mutton busters!! aka slap a small child armed with a padded jacket and a helmet on the back of a sheep and tell them to hang on for 6 seconds! i shit you not, i have pics >3 it was hilarious indeed

sunday i spent the day in bed watching anime. i was le tired and i didn't get today off as i work for people who revere the midieval lords as appropriate role models to follow -_-; aka i am a lowly serf. it was bs there was nothing to do and was a waste of their money to have us there.

also today i got my first verbal warning at work! woo go me -_- i sorta deserved it as i should have just taken care of the thing myself. but i was childishly angry and frustrated (who wouldn't be in this situation?) and so did not double check one of my peoples work. naturally they totally fucked up a simple task and boss's boss found out about it. it was... not nice to put it excessively mildly >.>;;; it is my fault in that i'm so fed up with this place i'm letting my slack ass employees bad attitudes rub off on me. but it's hard to care when they so obviously don't care about people as human beings. i'm really struggling with this right now. also it's my stapler and i'm going to burn that place down~ :p

in good news though since going through therapy i am not freaking out about this which is good. the bad is that i don't really care at all and i should at least a little. *sigh* from one extreme to another~ i'll get this emotional/thought process thing worked out some day! :p
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( Oct. 4th, 2009 10:19 pm)
had a big project due on friday. i've been pouring my soul into it for the last three weeks. my boss wanted a final draft of the department manual i've been working on since i started at this job, problem was while i had some good documents for it already i've never made it a huge priority because there are *always* emergencies to be delt with in our dept. but i was SO pleased with the final result, a 10 year old could read this manual and work in our department cause everything is so clear ^_~ friday morning i printed everything out and got the copy center to bind it with a cover and one of those plastic bindy thing. almost 200 hundred pages and i wrote pretty much every word in there >.o but it looked soooooooooooo good ^_^ boss didn't gush over it, but she did like it and said so clearly ^_^ now maybe work will slow down a bit >.o

haraamis was still here until early wed morning so we had hangings out on monday and tuesday ^_^ and then wed i had to go this this stupid smoozy work thing cause boss made me -_- i did not stay long though. i feel like there was something else but i forgot now hm~ anyway spent 12 hours yesterday watching all of the first season of true blood with skrit. good show, am excited to watch more ^^ today we saw the movie whip it and it was quite good.

i finished a few shows today, but the one i will miss the most is tears to tiara. i really love that show <3 and it had a good ending too, none of this crappy non-ending that other shows do. also 07 ghost and pandora hearts owe me another season drnit D: wants moar!!!
now it's time for sleepies cause i'm exhausted z.Z naps on flist <3


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