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([personal profile] nekofreak May. 5th, 2011 10:36 pm)
so the goth club was pretty cool ^^ liz and i learned a new thing, goths do NOT dance with each other. at.all. you stake out a spot and dance with yourself o.o it was kinda cool though, very fun to watch. and yes they did get me out there a few times- its easier to get me to participate when i don't have to worry about staying on beat! *SOOOO WHITE* i had a lot of fun watching too, there were some real characters there ;p and of course right when we left is when the guy with the interesting glowy things got on the dance floor. i get so enthralled watching things like that ;p we got home at 2 am... on a MONDAY night x.x this week has been tiring ^^;;

and tomorrow i will be out lateish again~ going to see the little mermaid ballet, super excited~ this is not your disney little mermaid >3
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