yesterday was a joint bday party for me and liz ^_^ we had it here in the apartment and it was awesome~ good time, awesome food, and awesome peoples. i wore my new black and silver corset which was all kinds of yay though i took it off around sometime between 11 and midnight. why keep wearing it in your own home? :p we did unfortunately have a few people overstay their welcome and not notice our semi-subtle go home now vibes -_-; but it all went well and we had one person crash here on the couch. he got up super early this morning and rinsed all of the dishes before he went home o.o can you say keeper? :p also i just have to say liz and i meet the bestest peeps up here and we super <3 our friends ^_^ such a fun, diverse crowd to hang out with

last weekend i saw cowboys and aliens with liz, carrie, pondy, and j~ they are still alive! ;p also it was a good movie. even more shocking i found urban decay's naked pallet available IN A STORE o.o;;;; so i bought it ^___^ yay makeup~

in work news all of our shared drives (read every important thing ever) went boom on tuesday o.o and we haven't gotten any of it back yet. we *might* get stuff back next week... i spent the entire week going wtf am i going to do? we lost everything for my department, the manual i hand wrote (all 300 pages of it >.<) all of our letter templates, daily procedures and saved files, etc. i can't even explain, EVERYTHING was on there >.o

and in even more fun news my parents are coming to visit on labor day weekend. well only on that monday thankfully. i'm not thrilled but then again they are bringing all my books (hopefully) that i left at home. that i'm really excited about, i miss my books ;_;

today has been an awesome day of not doing much at all and i approve <3 ^_^
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Happy early birthday, sweetie~! *chews* ♥

Ew... Major server crash. >< Hopefully your IT dept has tape backups and/or offsite backups. :\
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Welcome~. ♥

... Oh geez. /o\ *hugsnuggles*


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