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( Jul. 22nd, 2012 09:41 pm)
zomg its been since april that i posted o.O but lots of good things to report! my dad made it through his first surgery well and then had his second this month. he's doing well and on the mend ^_^ he's a tough ol bird <3

the weather this summer has been AMAZING! it's been warm enough that i actually have worn skirts!! \o/ in fact i got sunburnt yesterday ^^; but so worth it~

also kate got a job and place (wooo!) so her stuff is now mostly gone from the apartment. it looks empty(ish) but i like it, lots less clutter. it also was a catalyst to get me to go through closet etc today. got rid of lots o junk! still some to go but i made good progress ^_^ (made liz go through her closet too :p)

and for the few of you who know how funny this is, i found a beer i like! (crazy right??) blue moon does not suck ^^ and on the food subject- liz, devin, and i have decided to fangirl anthony bourdain like crazy :p we've been reading his books and i've been watching no reservations like crazy ^_^

also, also! for those of you hounding me, i finally started watching sherlock and LOVE IT!!! i havent seen ep 6 yet though.
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( Apr. 26th, 2012 10:17 pm)
two days in a row *gasp!*
thanks for all the well wishes for my dad. he came through the surgery well (triple bypass)
now i keep my fingers and toes crossed for a quick recovery so they can next tackle the (single mass) lung cancer they found and the (not very serious) prostate cancer... 2012 has not been good to my daddy :(

to offset that news, i have good news too ^^ i realized i never mentioned here that i finally got a promotion at work! i'm now a supervisor ^_^ (though i'm really the manager ;p) and my boss who stressed me out all the time stepped down from her title to become part time and not my boss. now she is more like a coach and we get along much better! (i never disliked her as a person) my team is better behaved (mostly) and i'm learning valuable things i can take to a new job when the time comes ^_^
there's still rough spots but man its way smoother than it used to be and waaaaaaay less stressful overall ^_^
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( Apr. 25th, 2012 09:03 pm)
jfsklafjds hello!

so the weekend before last? best group outing EVAR!!! a large contingent of peeps went down to socal for what is dubbed "sydneyland" or shit tons of people going to disneyland for syd's bday. sooooo much damn fun. there were approx 45 of us total.. we even picked up two at the park who had nothing to do with our group ^_^

there was random cheering of other people on rides, high fiveing everyone in line, taking over entire rides, and sheningans all over the place. super awesome point of the day? our group was being let onto haunted mansion as a whole unit and we were in the lobby before the elevator when the ride stopped for a few mins.. what did we do? we did not complain or whine, we had a motherfucking HOE DOWN is what we did! (srsly so damn amazing)
group photo for reference though not all were there for it ^^

also also!! on the way down (i drove) there was SNOW!! that was my first time driving in snow! it was cool.. and a lil scary, but mostly cool!!!!

also last week i went for my first wine tasting! ^_^ it was a gorgeous weekend

sheningans, they abound ^_^

in less awesome news my dad is having surgery tomorrow, which should be fine.. but i worry :(
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( Jan. 5th, 2012 08:34 pm)
happy new year!! yea yea late as always, i know ;p

but i had a great new year, and christmas... and december in general ^_^

the first weekend in dec carrie and i went to vegas and saw THREE cirque du solei shows!! we saw "O", zumanity, and mystere. they were all AMAZING ^_^ the weekend was awesome and chill and super fun. carrie had never been to vegas and i haven't been in like 10 years. we did window shopping and noms ^_^

the next two weekends encompassed dickens fair (of FUN), the renegade craft fair, and a fun dinner at flower + water for carrie's bday ^_^ (table full of crazy ladies FTW!)

xmas was great! i saw the muppet movie on saturday and on sunday drove up to thorns to join liz and a few peeps for fun and food and presents ^_^ stayed overnight and then there was drunken shenanigans at target the next day ;p

new years was a house party with the alexes ^_^ lots of fun was had and slightly!drunken alexes are adorable ^_~ liz was out unil 8 am o.O she and thorn are CRAZY ;p monday was hanging out and dinner party at the alexes ^_^

and tomorrow is a day off work to NOT BE AT WORK! also hanging out with the alexes ^_^
(btw dreamwidth peoples, i have unsubscribed a few of you since i follow you on lj also... too much xposting ;p)
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( Sep. 15th, 2011 09:26 pm)
thank you for the bday wishes everyone ^_^ the day itself was uneventful, as always i had to work. but liz took me to sushi boat after wards and they played me the happy birthday song and i got a xmas paper samurai hat!! it was awesome~

labor day weekend was looooooooooong >.o friday night i went to a dueling piano bar with some work friends. it was awesome and they made me get on stage for an embaressing bday song >.o saturday i sorta had a date with a friend of a friend i met at our party... he's a nice guy but way too eager and just not what i'm looking for :( i'm bad at this stuff. he also kept me up way later than i wanted to be up which is not a good way to make an impression on me >.> sunday into the city with kelda, mitch, carrie, and tree for brunch and a 4 hour japanese film. the film was love exposure and it was weeeeeeeeeeeeird o.o funny, but weird and awkward. monday instead of sleeping like i wanted to i had to roll out of bed because my parents were visiting. i can't be too upset though because they brought up 3 huge boxes of my books for me ^^; YAY BOOKS!! also that was the perfect amount of time to see them imo >.> they don't know yet but i'm not going home at all this year ^^;

last weekend liz, carrie, and i went whale watching in monterey. no whales and i got sorta sick as all the exhaustion of the last few weeks caught up with me >.o thankfully i did not "feed the fishes" though apparently several other people did. we got free vouchers to go back and try again ^^ sunday i did NOTHING AND IT WAS GOOD ^_^

this week has been way too long though today i called out "sick" to get a break. i reaaaaaaally needed one. tomorrows going to be hell though cause i found out the other main person in my dept also called out sick today. oh well i'll try to save that drama for when i actually get to work >.< btw in case you did not know... pintrest is the DEVIL! :p and also, i joined a gym! oooooow >.>;
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( Aug. 21st, 2011 07:24 pm)
yesterday was a joint bday party for me and liz ^_^ we had it here in the apartment and it was awesome~ good time, awesome food, and awesome peoples. i wore my new black and silver corset which was all kinds of yay though i took it off around sometime between 11 and midnight. why keep wearing it in your own home? :p we did unfortunately have a few people overstay their welcome and not notice our semi-subtle go home now vibes -_-; but it all went well and we had one person crash here on the couch. he got up super early this morning and rinsed all of the dishes before he went home o.o can you say keeper? :p also i just have to say liz and i meet the bestest peeps up here and we super <3 our friends ^_^ such a fun, diverse crowd to hang out with

last weekend i saw cowboys and aliens with liz, carrie, pondy, and j~ they are still alive! ;p also it was a good movie. even more shocking i found urban decay's naked pallet available IN A STORE o.o;;;; so i bought it ^___^ yay makeup~

in work news all of our shared drives (read every important thing ever) went boom on tuesday o.o and we haven't gotten any of it back yet. we *might* get stuff back next week... i spent the entire week going wtf am i going to do? we lost everything for my department, the manual i hand wrote (all 300 pages of it >.<) all of our letter templates, daily procedures and saved files, etc. i can't even explain, EVERYTHING was on there >.o

and in even more fun news my parents are coming to visit on labor day weekend. well only on that monday thankfully. i'm not thrilled but then again they are bringing all my books (hopefully) that i left at home. that i'm really excited about, i miss my books ;_;

today has been an awesome day of not doing much at all and i approve <3 ^_^
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( Jul. 25th, 2011 08:40 pm)
zomg i am so tan right now! o.0; for those of you who have seen my chalky self in person you know how crazy that is ;p but i've like been in the sun and stuff! and there's been sun this year to be in! \o/ excite!

point in case, yesterday liz and i went to the beach and met up with a bunch of awesome peeps. we were there for at least 5 hours and i only have one lil stripe of sun burn at the top of one leg where i think i didn't get enough sun block. that is a huge accomplishment for me ;p i burn easily and usually often >.>; but we had such a good time hanging out even though we got home late and are quite tired x.x

i've seen movies lately too! this last saturday i saw super 8 with carrie (liked it a lot) and the saturday before we saw hp7.5 which i also quite liked.

i also had a few days off in the last two weeks and did fun things like go to golden gate park, the conservatory of flowers, and the berkeley marina <3 had to renew my license too but that only took 15 minutes at the DMV o.O that was kinda awesome since i took the whole day off for it ;p

and now imma go kill the two god awful yappy dogs that live in the complex behind ours DDDDD:
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( Jul. 7th, 2011 09:35 pm)
we have been having the most lovely weather ^_^ finally warm warm warm <3

saturday i had lunch with carrie in the city and then we saw the movie beginners. not as funny as the trailers might lead you to believe but a very good movie. ewan mcgreggor <3! then we had tasty mexican noms for dinner :d

sunday carrie and i drove down to the county fair. it was 98 degrees and lovely and dry~ >3 i loved it ;p we met pondy and j there and hung out while eating things that were not good for us :d they left after a while and then we were joined by alex for a while. we saw cute animals and then sat down for mutton busters >3 putting small children on sheep and telling them to hang on. excellent sport imo ^_~ carrie and i had tasty italian for dinner and then walked all the way around the lake. a very lovely day indeed.

monday i actually had off this year! woot~ had a nice lazy morning, walked around the lake, and had a nice lazy afternoon. perfect day off ;p and now it's already friday and i only work 3 days next week. yay 4 day weekend ^____^
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( Jun. 26th, 2011 05:07 pm)
happy pride weekend y'all! also GO NY!! <3

yesterday we ran errands and then devin drove liz and i into the city to drop us off <3 we met up with stacy, cat, charlie, and friend who's name i don't recall. they were already picnicing in dolores park but we brought more noms and an actual blanket to sit on :) we had noms of cheese, bread, humus, crackers and other random bits. sadly no booze *waa waa~* it was nice and sunny so liz took off her pants... no one is shocked (and i have pictures!) as it was pride weekend and we were in the middle of the castro there was lots of special special outfits and random nudity. and then carrie came to join us! :)

after a bit the wind picked up and it was not as warm anymore *sad face* sydney, devin, and patrick showed up and we lost everyone else to warmer areas with booze. the rest of us stuck it out and hung out in the park waiting on more people to show up while the dyke march was going on next to the park. andi joined us and then kelly also joined us with some of his friends and booze! much rejoicing was had. after a while we packed it up and dropped stuff off at devins car so we could head over to the pink party.

then dancing and sheninigans were had yaaaaay~ after a while we were dying of thirst and a bit hungry but that didn't work out and then it was time to go as we had to bart back and it stops running around midnight :(

today liz and i are both laying around getting our relaxing on and posting pics to facebook etc. so now... PICS! (you know like i'm always saying i'm going to post >.>;;)
carrie at our glass blowing class
me at glass blowing class ^^
sydney, patrick, and liz from last weekends bar hopping
morning after drunken bar hopping (eating cake on the floor <3
charlie, cat, stacey, (unknown friend), and liz with no pants! ;p
sheninigans group - kelly, liz, devin, sydney, patrick, me :)
dancing in the castro at the pink party :)
me and patrick on the bart ride home after pride (feathers everywhere!)
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( Jun. 21st, 2011 09:12 pm)
hey so i still exist! ;p i know y'all are sooooo happy ^_~ and for more fun here's another pic of me in my corset from fanime. yay someone actually had a pic of me in my whole outfit ^^ (liz is going to kill me for posting that but oh well~ >3) at some point i need to get around to finding the few other pics i have >.>;

so things wot i've been up to~ two saturdays ago carrie and i went to a glass blowing class ^_^ i suck at it! but it was fun and i'm glad we went. it's kinda hard cause you really have to use your arm and wrist a lot and i am a wuss with heat ^^;; also the guy teaching it was kinda a hippy and not the best teacher. but again, still fun and glad we went ^^

this last saturday a huge group of us went bar hopping in the castro for one of the trio's bday. i was the designated and hugely enjoyed watching drunken shenanigans >3 and several of them were, really drunk that is ^^; also i have decided if i have to go dancing i much prefer the super packed dance floors where all you can do is kind of wiggle. this way i can hide my TOTAL LACK OF RHYTHM ;p and when they are packed with gay men you don't have to worry about getting groped ^^;

also fun was herding drunken peeps back to the car and then getting lost on the way to the highway with only drunken peeps to give directions ^^;; but we made it home! and a few others came with as well. so then we had random nudity and eating of cold pizza and toast. the trio slept over at our place and we went to bed around 4:30 ish >.o tired neko was tired the next day. so we did nothing! it was awesome :)

this weekend is pride and noming at the park while watching one of the parades ^_^
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( May. 30th, 2011 11:18 pm)
woo so fanime weekend is over x.Z wow what a weekend! my feet are KILLING ME >.o i'm also really tired and this post may not make sense ;p
long post is long(ish) )

but everything is unpacked and put away and while i REALLY don't want to go to work tomorrow i can't call in sick (boooo) and at least it's only a 4 day week right? ;p
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( May. 16th, 2011 09:00 pm)
fun weekend was fun ^_^ friday i went to see the movie hanna with carrie. was really interesting and i rather liked the music. saturday hung out with liz and devon and ran errands etc. we made him watch new trek cause he hadn't seen it. the poor boy was subject to all our random sayings and words and quirky weirdness ;p i swear liz and i have our own language ^^; saturday night liz and i went with charrise to see hugh jackman perform a one man show. it was AWESOME! we had so much fun and he was sooooo fabulous~ such a great singer, i really wish i could have seen him in oaklahoma

sunday was more bumming around the house and errands and a lovely walk around the lake in the late afternoon ^_^ and liz made her super yummy cuban black beans and rice for dinner. OM NOM NOM NOM!!! :d also we watched kiss kiss bang bang which i had never seen. so random, so horribly awesome. poor rdj always getting beat up ^^;

hmm i feel like i had other things to say but now i've forgotten (whats new~?) sleepy neko is sleepy and full of spicy tuna sushi :dddd
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( May. 12th, 2011 09:29 pm)
so the little mermaid ballet was good. not fantastic and not awful - i need to stick with the more classic ones methinks. i didn't understand a lot of the "story" as told through dance and the music was more modern with a lot of discordant notes which makes me feel nervous and edgy >.o i like melodious things goddamnit! ;p also i was waaaaaaaaaay up in the nose bleed seats so it was kinda hard to see :( need to get some opera glasses

over the weekend liz's friends new restaurant opened - southern creole comfort food :d zomfg it was *delicious* esp the yan-yan tater tots with some kind of *amazing* cilantro sauce *_____* we ate sooooooooooo much~ sunday liz made me and carrie lemon bars and then we saw thor. mmmmmmmmmmmm hot shirtless man ftw! <3

but the bestest thing ever was last night. i FINALLY got to see cats live!! and my seat was *awesome!* the performance was really good and they interacted with the audience a lot and in very funny ways ^_^ i've been singing the songs to myself all day and i need someone to rub up on and get my kitty-ness out =^_~= purrrrrr <3

of course that means i was out quite late last night and then i couldn't get to sleep when i got home >.o soooo tired. i was dragging so bad this morning i kinda wanted to cry when i realized it was only *thursday* z.z but feeling better now ^^;

we hadn't had anything planned for this weekend but charisse wanted to go see hugh jackman, so liz and i are going with her on saturday ^_^ i'm not at all sad about this ^_~ man this is a week of the theater arts for me! ^__^
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( May. 5th, 2011 10:36 pm)
so the goth club was pretty cool ^^ liz and i learned a new thing, goths do NOT dance with each other. at.all. you stake out a spot and dance with yourself o.o it was kinda cool though, very fun to watch. and yes they did get me out there a few times- its easier to get me to participate when i don't have to worry about staying on beat! *SOOOO WHITE* i had a lot of fun watching too, there were some real characters there ;p and of course right when we left is when the guy with the interesting glowy things got on the dance floor. i get so enthralled watching things like that ;p we got home at 2 am... on a MONDAY night x.x this week has been tiring ^^;;

and tomorrow i will be out lateish again~ going to see the little mermaid ballet, super excited~ this is not your disney little mermaid >3
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( May. 1st, 2011 10:08 pm)
sooo when google reader has over 1k of your rss feeds it stops telling you how many and just says 1,000+... oops time to look at some of those? actually i did clean that out today ^^; and i started cleaning out my bookmarks yay~ feel so accomplished ;p other that that i did NOTHING today cause i was tired.

yesterday we had a party at our place- so of course we left all the cleaning until last minute ;p omfg we ended up with SO MUCH FOOD x.x like srsly come over and help us eat some people. jo, carrie, and tree showed up on time which we always forget to count on ;p i wasn't even home, was doing last minute groceries at the store. and then we talked and ate and talked and ate and ate and ate >.o then we played fluxx which was pretty fun ^_^ later sydney, thorn, and patrick showed up and we all ate more and then played apples to apples, the ultimate party game ^^ jo, carrie, and tree left around midnight but the other three were here until about 2 am. poor patrick had to work the next day, hope he's ok!

tomorrow we are going to a goth club with sydney, thorn, and patrick ... we get there at like 10 pm... omg liz and i are going to be soooooo tired on tuesday z.z but i think it will be fun (i hope ^^;)

wish me luck this week we're an extra person short and i'm trying to train a new hire >.<;;
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( Apr. 27th, 2011 09:30 pm)
omg this weekend was so.full.of.noms! :d saturday evening we were supposed to go to one place but they had a long wait so we went down the street to a tapas bar and it was SO FUCKING GOOD *OMNOMNOM* it was carrie, stacy, liz, and i and every single thing we ate was AMAZING. and we had *a lot* lemme just tell you *_* i can't remember the last time i ate that much x.x

sunday we went into the city for brunch with naomi and carrie. again so much nomming :d i had coconut pancakes with home made ginger sauce *_* then we went to dolores park were there were awesome drag queens, gays, and not so awesome hipsters. they have a big production every easter which includes the hunky jesus contest >3 this years winner was "jesus fucking christ" and it was a guy dressed like jesus with a doll also dressed as jesus attached to his front... you can guess the rest on that one. it was HILARIOUS >3 it was also gloriously warm and sunny at the park even though it had rained in the morning. i got a bit burnt in a few places ^^;;

that night we ended up going to the place that had too long a wait from saturday, burma superstar :ddddd i love that place <3! and even though we were so very full we had gelato afterwards ;p which all made for a really long sunday and i am le tired~ this week, but oh so very worth it <3

this weekend we are having a party at our place.. >.>;
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( Apr. 20th, 2011 10:15 pm)
so i am in fact still alive.. though the jury is still out on breathing >.o allergies and some kind of sinus issue-possibly head cold type thing, god only knows really- has been making my life kinda hell for about 2 weeks D: i feel mostly ok but lots of icky coughing and stuff >.<

so updaty things~ this last saturday liz, carrie, erin, and i went down to visit stacy. we had a lovely time that involved an awesome clothes on massage type thing that was neat and cheep, happy hour sushi, and awesome hangins out ^_^ sunday tree, carrie, and i went to filoli gardens which were quite lovely ^_^ we had picture time and wandered about. then we went to half moon bay to look at the ocean and ate dinner noms~

the weekend before that was the cherry blossom festival in japantown ^_^ we had lunch with lots o people and hangins out~ then liz, carrie, and i saw limitless which was pretty awesome and then had dinner noms :d

the weekend before *that* was wondercon~! we got all dressed up and went into the city for that one ^^ we saw a good 10 mins of cowboys and aliens, looks pretty good! also saw a bit of er the immortals? which looked interesting and we heard that the movie clip from green lantern was in fact also quite good. i got a nifty cuthulu pin >3

also somewhere in all of that i finally got my new corset~ ^___^ but it's an under bust which means now i need shirts etc to go with it >.o but still excited~ ^^

pictures of all of these things eventually, swear~ <3 i feel i had other things to add but i forgot.. esp since i just spent the last 40 minutes fighting with lj because it changed my lj style back to the default and i lost all my custom settings D: ROWR NEKO SMASH
also wtf why is the entire internets being slow and like a billion sites down from crashes or "maintenance"? boooo~

*snugglesmooshes flist* <3
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( Mar. 28th, 2011 10:31 pm)
so i had a 3 day weekend this weekend, but i need a vacation from my vacations! :p friday i took the day off and picked up tree - we went to the sf flower and garden show ^_^ the gardens weren't as impressive this year but they were lovely and green~ we sat at a few seminars and saw some short films that are in progress as part of the symphony of soil documentary ^^ i was good and only bought one plant that i may not actually kill >.> (as opposed to the herbs i planted this week 2 of which are already dead >.>;;;)

saturday liz and i gathered aaaaaaall of our stuff and went to the steam punk convention. i was excited cause we put together two new outfits for me and i had wanted to go to this convention last year but missed it. it was a bit random since we didn't know anyone there. but we had tons of fun dressing up and walking around. eventually carrie joined us too and we wandered some more. we never did end up going to any panels. i don't really have any pics on my camera as it is made of SUCK but a few are posted already. my outfit from day one. i wore skinny jeans for the first time! \o/

sunday was more wandering (pre outfits even!) then ages of getting ready and packing up our stuff... we had an awful lot ;p and on this day i wore a skirt and heels! try not to faint from shock ;p pic of second day outfit. i'm quite proud of that ^_^ though sadly in the pic you cant see the black thing coming from behind my ear and over my shoulder is this awesome thing of feathers that i loooooove <3 carrie came down on sunday too and we all wandered around and around and then went for foooood *_* was sooo hungry! we made it home around 6 or so x.x so tired~ sleeping in hotels kinda sucks, stupid loud sheets! but we had fun and i got two pins ^_^

next weekend is wondercon which thankfully does not require travel other than going into town on bart ^_~
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( Mar. 20th, 2011 10:43 pm)
woo whirlwind weekend was awesomesauce! spent it in monterey with liz and carrie ^_^ we drove down friday night after work and let me tell you that was an experience! it was fine most of the way, raining some. and then when we were close to arriving TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR of EPICNESS~ which was crazy but fine really... then the car waaaay ahead of me lost control and spun out on the freeway. i have never seen a spin out in person. it was really surreal and kinda like watching a movie. thankfully i was waaaaaaay far behind him and hit my breaks as soon as i started to see him swerve. he didn't hit anyone (just missed the other car by inches though) and i'm pretty sure he was ok and so was the car. whew lucky!

saturday carrie and i were supposed to go whale watching while liz went to a wedding. but the trip was canceled due to the storm ;_; i was a little disappointed, but then again it would have been freezing and wet out on the water so... kinda a good thing. i'm def going again this summer <3 so we had brunch and then dropped off liz at the room while carrie and i went shopping and walking. a lot of walking ^^; we also saw the movie paul. it was hilarious and cute ^_^ sunday we had planned to go to the aquarium but no one else wanted to ;p;; so instead we grabbed a fast breakfast and went outlet shopping!!! \o/ zomg we all spent a lot, but such awesome stuff! i got a purse that i'm super excited about, 2 pairs of new balance shoes for super cheap, makeup and girly stuff, and a new set of tupperwear (mostly for liz ;p) liz and carrie got similar things and lots of kitchen stuff. they were excited ^_~ also nice was it didn't rain much today and i made it to sf from gilroy in like an hour >3 i like to drive fast >.> and now home and comfy with everything put away and catching up on internets. er gonna have to catch up on lj tomorrow >.>;

nighty night all~ <3

PS- super giant thank yous to carrie for making us mixed cds of awesomeness to listen to in the car!! <33333333
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( Mar. 6th, 2011 10:27 pm)
wow the days have been flying by and i can't believe it's march already! but i'm super excited it is as we are doing lots of fun things this month and next. my weekends are getting veeeery full! :)

this saturday carrie came over and we all had brunch and then went to the oakland museum white elephant sale. (kinda like a HUUUGE garage sale) they didn't like it because it was too crowded but i ended up scoring big time. in the book section i realized they were organized into sections and zoomed over to the gardening area. got a ton of books for $7.50!! >3 sooo awesome~ and that night we had sushi noms with stacy! <3

was supposed to go back to the white elephant today with kimi but we didn't end up going. a little sad because i wanted to look at the books more, but it is reaaaally hard carrying them around because they don't allow backpacks inside so oh well~ instead was supposed to have a nice relaxing day at home and liz was going to bake... and she did in fact bake, lemon bars and peanut butter carmel rice crispy treats :d but then she and carrie dragged me shopping *dramatic sigh* but that turned out to be a good thing because we found out just before coming home that the power had been out in our building for most of the time we were gone o.o it came on just before we got home.

this was also fortuitous for me as the landlord was board due to the power outage and he changed my windshield wipers, and then found a new headlight for me (was supposed to buy one today) and fixed that as well. and he changed the battery for my car alarm remote. i didn't have a screwdriver small enough. i love him so much <3 he's so nice to us and he looooves to fix cars. works well for me! ^_~ so all in all today was tiring but full of accomplishment! and of course, noms ^_~


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