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( Apr. 26th, 2012 10:17 pm)
two days in a row *gasp!*
thanks for all the well wishes for my dad. he came through the surgery well (triple bypass)
now i keep my fingers and toes crossed for a quick recovery so they can next tackle the (single mass) lung cancer they found and the (not very serious) prostate cancer... 2012 has not been good to my daddy :(

to offset that news, i have good news too ^^ i realized i never mentioned here that i finally got a promotion at work! i'm now a supervisor ^_^ (though i'm really the manager ;p) and my boss who stressed me out all the time stepped down from her title to become part time and not my boss. now she is more like a coach and we get along much better! (i never disliked her as a person) my team is better behaved (mostly) and i'm learning valuable things i can take to a new job when the time comes ^_^
there's still rough spots but man its way smoother than it used to be and waaaaaaay less stressful overall ^_^


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