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([personal profile] nekofreak May. 1st, 2011 10:08 pm)
sooo when google reader has over 1k of your rss feeds it stops telling you how many and just says 1,000+... oops time to look at some of those? actually i did clean that out today ^^; and i started cleaning out my bookmarks yay~ feel so accomplished ;p other that that i did NOTHING today cause i was tired.

yesterday we had a party at our place- so of course we left all the cleaning until last minute ;p omfg we ended up with SO MUCH FOOD x.x like srsly come over and help us eat some people. jo, carrie, and tree showed up on time which we always forget to count on ;p i wasn't even home, was doing last minute groceries at the store. and then we talked and ate and talked and ate and ate and ate >.o then we played fluxx which was pretty fun ^_^ later sydney, thorn, and patrick showed up and we all ate more and then played apples to apples, the ultimate party game ^^ jo, carrie, and tree left around midnight but the other three were here until about 2 am. poor patrick had to work the next day, hope he's ok!

tomorrow we are going to a goth club with sydney, thorn, and patrick ... we get there at like 10 pm... omg liz and i are going to be soooooo tired on tuesday z.z but i think it will be fun (i hope ^^;)

wish me luck this week we're an extra person short and i'm trying to train a new hire >.<;;
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