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( Feb. 14th, 2010 10:35 pm)
this week in neko land! ... i think i mostly slept >.> i was tired and twas that time of the month. also work was insanely busy o.O;

in other news- i went to the orientation and my first therapist visit on thursday. it went pretty well. kaiser has some interesting methods and does not do long term open ended therapy, but that makes sense to me. we covered a lot of ground in a fairly short amount of time. it helps that i'm blunt, to the point, and speak quickly ;p btw her nickname is "mod" and i'm pretty sure she's japanese. i love her office ^^; anyhoo tentative prognosis is have have mild depression and medium anxiety.. how very middle of the road and normal for me ;p i always seem to be in the middle or most commen of things. she set me an appt for a depression overview workshop (which is free) and i have another session with her on the 11th of march.

you know i've always know my family was not so good with the communication but talking to her i almost had to laugh..
her: so you found out you were adopted, did they talk to you about that?
me: not really (that i remember)
her: so your sister ran away when she was 16 and was gone for 6 months, did they talk to you about that?
me: not really
her: so your mom moved out for almost three years, did any of you talk about that?
me: not really
i think you can see where that is going. ehehe d'oh?

in other other news it is bad that pondy works at a cake shop ;p bad as in i get free cake and other awesome goodies from her... i'm never going to loose weight >.>; also~ i saw the lightning thief movie with skirt this weekend. it was fun, though i'm torn on the one girl since she's a teen here but plays "kate" in white collar o.O;; also skrit and i had tasty noms of deliciousness and did some shopping at old navy ^^ always good times there~
well anyhoo i must get to bed, i do not have tomorrow off and have to get up early since the frakking public transportation changes their hours for holidays that almost no one gets off D: nighty night flist~ <3!


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