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( Aug. 2nd, 2010 10:03 pm)
holy hell my knees are *killing* me ;_;

but in other news, as of saturday i moved one city over and now live in oakland~. (address laters) i spent three days after work hauling giant loads of CRAP down to my car and then up to my new place. i have been up and down more stairs in the last week than.. i don't even have a comparisen >.o and that was all fine because it was stuff that i could do myself and less for the movers to do, less time for them to move me, so less $$ spent. saturday rolls around and i had movers booked to be there at 10 am.. they had called to confirm the time and location twice. they never showed and never answered their emails. people told me it was ok and that movers do that but after 2 hours and no show i was freaking out. after many many calls i managed to find a place that could move me same day. the boys that showed up to move me were *adorable*. both russian one kinda tallish and slim and the other shorter, very strong, and super talkative.. in russian ;p they were so awesome, super fast, and very polite ^_^

i am fully unpacked but the room is still lots of chaos while i figure things out. in the meantime new roomy liz makes delishious foods and lots of dishes to clean up after her ;p also i own waaaaaaaay too much CRAP >.O oh and also i got something in my eye over the weekend and it may be infected -_-;;; rowr.


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