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( Dec. 30th, 2009 09:58 pm)
if things go according to plan tomorrow i will not be home to do a post ^_^ so i will do my new years-ish post now ^^ i don't feel overly sentimental or nostalgic about the whole new years thing in general but i do have a few things to say.

my only resolution type thing is one that started on my birthday, and that is to take a vacation somewhere overseas by my birthday in 2010. London is at the top of my list but i really need to look for deals online and maybe try a local travel agency too. i've never traveled outside the country as an adult ^^;

that aside this year has been pretty freakin awesome. i have a list somewhere of all the cool things i got to do and it is a fun and exciting list of memories (and once i get excel working again i can look at it >.>;) i've received awesome gifts, bought myself some cool stuff, met awesome new people and not really said goodbye to anyone. while my work situation is not awesome, it has leveled out and is less stressful than last year (yay!)

while i do have many things i'd like to change or improve i'm not going to use the "new year" as the catalyst of change. i'd rather make the changes slowly and have them stick as new routines rather than flash in the pan only do good for a week resolution type things. one thing i've already improved on is making (and consequently eating) dinner ;p i know some of you out there are shocked ^_~

to sum it all up- here's to an equally awesome new year and *hugs* and *love* to everyone on my flist <3 none of you are ever far from my mind and receive kind thoughts your way more than you probably ever know ^_^ *chu~*


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