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( Jan. 27th, 2010 10:06 pm)
so.. er post shaped things. yis. lately i am mostly too exhausted in mind and body to do more than stare blankly at the screen as mindless things entertain me. Very Bad Things have been happening at work and have made even just day-to-day mundane things a taxing chore. while i have not technically done anything wrong nor am i in trouble, the work place has become unbearable to me. which should be motivation to look for a new job right? except the part where i'm so exhausted and barely sleeping that i do in fact just stare blankly at the screen when i get home if i'm not napping >.>;;

in better news i finally got up the courage to make an appointment through my medical insurance to see a therapist. my orientation and first appt are on the 11th of feb. i know therapy is not a magic wand to make things better, but i'm an emotional train wreck who often bursts into tears at small things because i'm just that far at the end of my rope >.o unfortunately i have just realized i will be on my period that week which means i will be a giant ball of emotion and tears and pms. d'oh.

in other news i saw a greek tragedy play last saturday called "phedre". very tragic, but a good play. i love seeing things in person, no mics no fake crap, just people who work very hard on stage doing their best. i also saw daybreakers with pond, movie was soso but the company was, as always, excellent ^_~ also last week the storm blew over a tree which knocked out our power until 2 am. skrit and i went to panera for delicious foods and internets... she swears i made the tree fall down so we had to go ;p

this weekend i'm hoping to see at least one movie since there are like a ton out i want to see D: and i'm pretty sure i'm going to go to AOD (animation on demand) on saturday. it's in japantown ^_^


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