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( Oct. 29th, 2010 07:34 am)
updaty things~ this week has been insanity ^^;
tried to pack for ycon on saturday but my period slapped me in the face and then kicked me while i was down >.o i was supposed to leave by 10 am the next day to pick up gnome at the airport but thankfully (for me) she was delayed by a few hours due to the storm we had over the weekend. low visability ftw >.o so i finished (over)packing on sunday and did the various things i needed to do. picked up gnome from the airport, checked in, and while we were puttering around the room all the power went out (5:30 pm) o.O we had been planning on food so we grabbed laptops and went to panera for a while. mmmmm panera :d then we hit grocery stores etc. when we got back there was still no power o.O; asked the front desk and found out there was a problem with the transformer outside due to the storm. we saw people walking around with glow sticks and decided to go to walgreens and buy a bunch as well as some flashlights ^^ btw we are on the 8th floor with no elevator working... >.> so we ran around the hotel with glow sticks being lame and silly and giggly ^^; power came back on at 6:30 am o.o we turned out lights and went back to sleep

tuesday we puttered around then went to the airport to pick up zalia~! ^_^ poor dear had a heck of a flight (as did gnome) so we took her back to the hotel and sat around for a while. that evening i took them to my apartment to show them around. then we grabbed liz and went to sushi boat for NOMS. and then we had froyo and went to trader joes :d tuesday i picked up dustin and kalli from the airport and brought them back. yay full room! and later we headed in for our first trip to japantown (and stopped at panera on the way ;p)

wednesday we headed in to the city for china town and had randomness, followed by authentic dim sum which was good but some weird ;p then we went to fisherman's wharf / pier 39 and the aquarium of the bay ^^ yay fishies~ zalia and kalli petted lots of things ^^ (i have pics!) that night i drove misty (who arrived in the afternoon), gnome, and zalia to a hockey game in san jose. dustin and i had a nice chill dinner while they were at the game and i sped us all home nice and quickly when it was over ^_~ and that night there was a planned power outtage to move from a generator back to the transformer. we got more glow sticks and ran around the hotel being dorks again (who's shocked? ^_~)

thursday was another trip into japantown with a stop at the mall and old navy first (we had now added a jamie. ann, and mim to the group as well ^^). yay shoppins~ then delicious late lunch (MMMMM croquettes) then more shoppins in jtown ^^ terri took several peeps back to the hotel and four of us took the bus to powell to go to h&m for more shoppins. we like teh shoppins >.>; three of us bought the same gloves ;p (also btw the only things i've purchased so far are a pin and gloves and lots of snacks ;p) then back to the hotel for insanity with room switching etc.
all said and done i'm now rooming with tree (had to move to a hypo-allergenic room cause they use too many chemical nasties here) and i finally reunited liz with her suit case (and underwear) that had been in my trunk all week ^^;

i'm up way too early this morning *super yawn* and i'm supper annoyed.. i was just at old navy YESTERDAY but no they started a sale TODAY D: i've been eyeballing a jacket for months and waiting for the traditional fall jacket sale.... *rowr* i have to go find an old navy now today (thank god i have my car ;p) i'm not passing up 50% off that jacket i want! *shakey fist* it will be MINE >3
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( Nov. 10th, 2009 08:38 pm)
omg con is such a blur of squee and running around ^_^ but lets see...

cut for omg long )

*whew* so i think that's everything... pics later cause i'm still tired. got worn down last week and a little sickish. nothing major but very tiring *naps on flist*


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