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( Jul. 22nd, 2012 09:41 pm)
zomg its been since april that i posted o.O but lots of good things to report! my dad made it through his first surgery well and then had his second this month. he's doing well and on the mend ^_^ he's a tough ol bird <3

the weather this summer has been AMAZING! it's been warm enough that i actually have worn skirts!! \o/ in fact i got sunburnt yesterday ^^; but so worth it~

also kate got a job and place (wooo!) so her stuff is now mostly gone from the apartment. it looks empty(ish) but i like it, lots less clutter. it also was a catalyst to get me to go through closet etc today. got rid of lots o junk! still some to go but i made good progress ^_^ (made liz go through her closet too :p)

and for the few of you who know how funny this is, i found a beer i like! (crazy right??) blue moon does not suck ^^ and on the food subject- liz, devin, and i have decided to fangirl anthony bourdain like crazy :p we've been reading his books and i've been watching no reservations like crazy ^_^

also, also! for those of you hounding me, i finally started watching sherlock and LOVE IT!!! i havent seen ep 6 yet though.
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( Apr. 26th, 2012 10:17 pm)
two days in a row *gasp!*
thanks for all the well wishes for my dad. he came through the surgery well (triple bypass)
now i keep my fingers and toes crossed for a quick recovery so they can next tackle the (single mass) lung cancer they found and the (not very serious) prostate cancer... 2012 has not been good to my daddy :(

to offset that news, i have good news too ^^ i realized i never mentioned here that i finally got a promotion at work! i'm now a supervisor ^_^ (though i'm really the manager ;p) and my boss who stressed me out all the time stepped down from her title to become part time and not my boss. now she is more like a coach and we get along much better! (i never disliked her as a person) my team is better behaved (mostly) and i'm learning valuable things i can take to a new job when the time comes ^_^
there's still rough spots but man its way smoother than it used to be and waaaaaaay less stressful overall ^_^
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( Apr. 25th, 2012 09:03 pm)
jfsklafjds hello!

so the weekend before last? best group outing EVAR!!! a large contingent of peeps went down to socal for what is dubbed "sydneyland" or shit tons of people going to disneyland for syd's bday. sooooo much damn fun. there were approx 45 of us total.. we even picked up two at the park who had nothing to do with our group ^_^

there was random cheering of other people on rides, high fiveing everyone in line, taking over entire rides, and sheningans all over the place. super awesome point of the day? our group was being let onto haunted mansion as a whole unit and we were in the lobby before the elevator when the ride stopped for a few mins.. what did we do? we did not complain or whine, we had a motherfucking HOE DOWN is what we did! (srsly so damn amazing)
group photo for reference though not all were there for it ^^

also also!! on the way down (i drove) there was SNOW!! that was my first time driving in snow! it was cool.. and a lil scary, but mostly cool!!!!

also last week i went for my first wine tasting! ^_^ it was a gorgeous weekend

sheningans, they abound ^_^

in less awesome news my dad is having surgery tomorrow, which should be fine.. but i worry :(
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( Jan. 5th, 2012 08:34 pm)
happy new year!! yea yea late as always, i know ;p

but i had a great new year, and christmas... and december in general ^_^

the first weekend in dec carrie and i went to vegas and saw THREE cirque du solei shows!! we saw "O", zumanity, and mystere. they were all AMAZING ^_^ the weekend was awesome and chill and super fun. carrie had never been to vegas and i haven't been in like 10 years. we did window shopping and noms ^_^

the next two weekends encompassed dickens fair (of FUN), the renegade craft fair, and a fun dinner at flower + water for carrie's bday ^_^ (table full of crazy ladies FTW!)

xmas was great! i saw the muppet movie on saturday and on sunday drove up to thorns to join liz and a few peeps for fun and food and presents ^_^ stayed overnight and then there was drunken shenanigans at target the next day ;p

new years was a house party with the alexes ^_^ lots of fun was had and slightly!drunken alexes are adorable ^_~ liz was out unil 8 am o.O she and thorn are CRAZY ;p monday was hanging out and dinner party at the alexes ^_^

and tomorrow is a day off work to NOT BE AT WORK! also hanging out with the alexes ^_^
(btw dreamwidth peoples, i have unsubscribed a few of you since i follow you on lj also... too much xposting ;p)


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